The Frigidaire water filter is among the several refrigerator parts that need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure full functionality of the fridge.

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There are several types of refrigerators sold in the market. There are conventional refrigerators, but most of the new models now are equipped with fully automated functions or systems. The ice maker or water dispenser is an example of these automated functions. The water used to make ice is directly sourced from the household water system through pipe or hose connections. To maintain the cleanliness and purity of the water injected, additional Frigidaire refrigerator water filter is installed in the fridge.

The Benefits of Using Refrigerator Water Filters

The purpose of having a Frigidaire water filter may be obvious, that is, to ensure cleanliness of water. But, to complete the perspective, here are the inherent direct and indirect benefits of using refrigerator water filters.


  • Removing biological and chemical contaminants

Aside from ensuring water cleanliness physically, most of these filters are also capable of preventing certain biological and chemical contaminants, which are not visible to the naked eye, or, contaminants which may have slipped through the regular water filtration systems that are installed at homes. Again, the final objective is to ensure health and safety of every user or household member.

  • Frigidaire water filter is water filtration at point of use

Though water supplied to all homes by several water districts or water companies have been treated and pre-cleaned, there are still risks of contamination during its delivery or transport of water from the plants to households via ground laid pipes. Hence, filtration at point of use simply means that water may immediately be used right after cleaning or filtering. For more options, you might also check out whole house water filter.

A Guide to Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Savings from buying bottled drinking water

 Some households are hesitant on drinking water from the faucets and would rather buy more expensive bottled water. Having a fridge equipped with the most advance Frigidaire puresource2 water filter provides peace of mind that water coming from the fridge is clean, pure, and potable. This will eventually translate to reduction of expenses from buying bottled water.

  • Frigidaire water filter helps in extending the usable life of the refrigerator

There are certain particles or elements that may come with the water that may eventually speed up the wearing or damaging of the refrigerator. Some examples include lime scale, rusts, certain hard particles. Build up of these external elements may warrant repair or perhaps, the replacement of a certain refrigerator part or even the entire unit itself depending on the extent of damage.

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Maintaining Water Filters in Refrigerators

Just like any other equipment, machines, or appliances, regular maintenance of filters is necessary to ensure proper functioning of the fridge, specifically of the water cooler or ice maker.

  • Filter check-up

Checking the Frigidaire water filter reviews is now easier due to the introduction of refrigerator models equipped with automatic filter diagnostics or status indicators. Usually, this indicator is located in the ice maker or water dispenser’s front panel. Green indicates good state and red is otherwise.

  • Filter cleaning

Cleaning up the filter trays of the refrigerator’s filtration systems is required regularly or in instances of water supply failure due to clogging. Cleaning the filters can be done manually by eliminating debris and particles that have built up. The manufacturer’s specifications or refrigerator manual will essentially determine the recommended cleaning agent that shall be used, but usually, it is muriatic acid.


Guide To Frigidaire Water Filter Replacement

  • Filter replacement

As a general rule, Frigidaire water filter replacement is required every six months. For the Frigidaire brand, a red light on the filter’s status indicator means a replacement is already required.