Fracas perfume is a world renowned fragrance brand that has many celebrity endorsers like Madonna, Martha Stewart, Courtney Love, etc. This, along with many other loyal customers all over the world, makes this brand one to be reckoned with. Fracas perfume fragrances have been available for purchase in the market since the year 1948. Fracas perfume mainly denotes and represents the fashion and tastes present in the fashion capital of the world Paris. It captures the essence of what makes the women of this city fashionable and a la mode.

scented fracas for men cologne by robert piguet

Fracas designer perfume is a distinguished and sophisticated scent that is unmatched by any other fragrance. It blends in the element of mystery, attraction and sensuality. It is high on grace and feminine attributes. This makes fracas perfume for women a much sought after object in most countries of the world. The fashion house that can be credited with coming up with this now world famous brand is Robert Piguet that diversified into fragrances after establishing itself fashion wise. This brand has now conducted business successfully in multiple markets for around sixty years.

robert piguet alluring scent of fracas perfume

The main elements used in these perfumes are an incorporation of bergamot, mandarin and lilac. Other noteworthy influences that also find their way in Fracas perfumes include tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, white iris, sandalwood, violet and musk. Fracas has a single bottle that is black in color and has a classic and timeless style. All fragrances manufactured under this brand are packaged in the same bottle which makes it very easily recognizable in the market among the deluge of other brands. Although the fragrances are sold in these bottles alone, one can also opt for subtle ways to wear these fragrances by purchasing lotions, body washes and body creams by this company that are also easily available.

hallucinating scent of robert piguet fracas perfume

Apart from the fragrances on offer for women, Fracas perfumes are also available for men. There is a huge variety available in this category that can be browsed through to pick out the one most suitable for the personality of the customer. The one that best goes with the way a person dresses and carries himself is said to be the perfect fragrance. Eau de colognes and perfumes can be purchased by Robert Piguet, The great collection offered by Fracas can be tried on the skin and smelled before making the decision of purchase. The main elements that are fused together in men’s perfumes by this company are mainly peppery, musty and woodsy scents that provide a retro feel to the wearer. The fragrance denotes old style glamour and is perfect for gentlemen. The fragrances are quite masculine and completely different from those meant for women.

aromatic fracas perfume for women by robert piguet

Fracas perfumes make for great gifts while also being a worthy investment that lasts you quite a long time. A perfume once purchased can be worn in a small quantity over and over again at formal as well as informal occasions. The best thing about these fragrances is that they are quite subtle and are far from being overpowering or too strong in any way.