Finding foundation color matching ideal for your skin can be hard. There are many girls now wearing makeup that are too light for their natural skin tone, and they end up getting darker necks than their faces. It is not really good to look at.

But finding the perfect color match for your face will be difficult, especially when you do not know your skin tone. What you need is some considerations and tips. This is for you to have the chance find the perfect color for your face and won’t end up looking like a zebra.

Here are some tips in your quest in finding the foundation color matching your face:

best foundation color matching techniques

  • Know what you need for your skin. Is it a full coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer? You have to understand both to choose what you need. The full foundation will give you the complete look and covering. As for tinted moisturizer, it will give you a more natural look and a natural-looking glow. Aside from what you need, you should also distinguish what skin type you have. There are different types of faces such as dry, oily or sensitive. This is because it will affect the kind of foundation you choose. There are foundations which have minerals that will work on specific skin types but not on others. Makeups come with specifications on skin types so be sure to read the labels well.

best soft foundation brush

  • Go shop in person. This is not something you can easily find online unless you are just buying for a replacement of your old foundation. A wise idea is to consult an expert about foundation color matching to buy the perfect match. It is not easy to just assume your color. The colors usually depend on the brand and the mediums used by each other, and it takes an actual test to see if it suits you. Beauty shops and malls have beauty consultants who could advise you on which color looks best for you, and can test the makeup on you. That’s what testers are for; you cannot find them from online shops.
  • Know your skin type. There are three types of undertone you should understand. The first one is cool which the skin is bare and slightly pink in tone. The second one is neutral, that the skin is almost beige or peach. Lastly is warm, which the tone is golden or yellow.
  • You got to try. The key here is to try and try in order to find the match when you are buying the foundation. You can always use the foundation brush in trying and just brush a little on your palm first to see the color of the foundation.