Football is a game that occupies the hearts of most sports enthusiasts. Collecting football memorabilia is a hobby or may be a passion for many. These people take great care of their football memorabilia and preserve them in their own ways.

Football Memorabilia

There are various items that are used in the game of football. The most common football memorabilia that are prized by most football enthusiasts are the following:

  • A football is the most coveted article for any football fanatic. They would love to own such item that is signed by their favorite players.
  • Football jerseys are also preserved as football memorabilia.
  • People are interested in collecting helmets too that are worn by the outstanding stars. These helmets are available in various sizes.
  • Photographs, photo mints as well as coins of Super Bowl are not very difficult to find.

The places where the football memorabilia are available are mostly retail stores, conventional sports outlets as well as online sites.

uv protected football jersey memorabilia

Why People Collect Football Memorabilia

Football memorabilia is a fantastic way of rejuvenating old memories. They offer a nostalgic feeling as one watch his possessions well kept in cases. Some collect these as a hobby mostly because they love the game while others make them as a way of earning by selling ticket hubs, shirts or autographed balls. They can make for a great gift also especially for those who share the same attachment and feeling towards the game.

Cleaning Methods

Just collecting football memorabilia is not enough. They are age old items and are naturally prone to wear and tear. Nowadays various kinds of cases like football display cases are available at the stores where they can be preserved, kept safe and clean. Football memorabilia must be cleaned and preserved properly with the right materials. Here are some tips that will help keep the items as well as the cases clean and last for many years.

  • To remove finger prints from the glass case, rubbing the surface with a soft fabric is the proper way of cleaning the stains. But if the marks are deeper, using light soapy water works well. In addition, ammonia-based cleaners are used to remove dirt and stain by rubbing it off with a soft fabric.
  • For acrylic materials, furniture polish can be used that gives the cases a perfect shine.
  • Brass items require special brass cleaners if the stains are not removable by warm soapy water.
  • Silver or gold plated football memorabilia have to be cleaned with mild cleansers that are available in liquid form especially made for such metals.
  • Importantly, regular check up on theses memorabilia will assess the presence of dust and any damages.

full size football helmet display case

Collectors of these memorabilia definitely would want to preserve them. Hence, learn these tips and give importance to your collection.