When it comes to displaying and maintaining your football memorabilia collection, choosing a proper football display case is essential. These cases provide protection for your prized possessions while also creating an attractive way of displaying them. Cases are available in a wide variety of designs and materials to suit nearly any collection of mini helmets, footballs, signed pieces, jerseys, photographs and more.

uv resistant acrylic football black display case

Common Case Designs

While cases are available in nearly any size and design imaginable, there are a few designs that are the most popular amongst football collectors. These models include:

  • Mini football helmet display case: These small display cases often consist of a hard base and cube-shaped acrylic shell. Some models are designed for storing multiple mini helmets to allow you to group your collection by team, year or other characteristics.
  • Football display case: These rectangular cases are ideal for displaying or storing footballs. They often consist of a sturdy base, acrylic shell and a mount or indention to secure the football at a specific orientation. These are a great way to preserve signatures or prevent damage to valuable footballs. They also make great awards for team members or sponsors.

glass american football display case

  • Football helmet display case: These cases are larger than the mini helmet case but feature most of the same features. An optional stand in the center of the case can provide a unique appearance while securing the helmet from shifting or falling.
  • Football jersey display case: These cases often include a colored backing, frame and protective acrylic or glass. Treatments can be included in the glass or acrylic to prevent fading due to exposure to sunlight. These football display case designs are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any jersey. Including football cards, photographs or other memorabilia can help to create a cohesive collection and increase value over time.

perfect glass football helmet display case

Things to Consider When Getting a Football Display Case

When it comes to choosing the best case, there are a number of factors to consider. While the protection that any case can provide is better than no protection at all, choosing a high-quality case will ensure your investment and memories are protected. Traits to consider include:

  • Materials: Cheap football display case designs often use acrylic or plastic and particle board. While these can provide a beautiful appearance, they tend to provide less durability than a high-quality case. Cases using hardwoods, such as oak, and glass football display case shells will last longer and provide greater protection for their contents.
  • Assembly: One of the biggest factors that affect the price of most football display case designs is the assembly method. Choosing a handmade model might cost more, however the final product is often sturdier and more visually appealing than mass produced models.

mini football helmet display case

  • Customization: Adding personalized plates or custom colors to a football display case can help to create a unique appearance. Engraved plates are ideal for gifts or awards and provide a long-lasting and stunning way to label your collection. Tinted glass or acrylic, team logos and other options provide plenty of ways to set your football, helmets or jerseys apart from the crowd as well.