The era of incandescent bulbs has long said farewell to the market as the energy-efficient, environment-friendly fluorescent light bulb was introduced. For a while, it has caused a stir not just on households but even on businesses and entire societies. More and more people have shifted from incandescent lighting to fluorescent bulbs. And with the increase in demand, fluorescent light manufacturers have also produced innovative and superb fluorescent light fixtures.

elegant flourescent direct-indirect light fixture

These lighting fixtures are improved and enhanced designs and styles of the plain fluorescent light. Instead of the usual cylinder-type form of fluorescents, manufacturers have came up with other variations to fit the different tastes and needs of the consumers and to ride along with the fads and designs of the contemporary world. They usually come in varying sizes, types, and intensity of its light. Others also vary in function depending on where it is installed at, like fluorescent bathroom light fixtures. While some types are well-suited to cold places, other types are also more efficient for places with warmer climates.

high class flourescent light fixtures

To have an in-depth look on the different styles of fluorescent light fixtures, here are 3 commonly-used types: recessed fluorescent light fixtures, hanging fluorescent light fixtures, and flush mount fluorescent ceiling fixtures.

  • Recessed fluorescent light fixtures are commonly used for ceilings. It is enclosed in a hollow space or in a canister to produce light that is usually directed downwards. Recessed light fixtures come in two types: diffused and directional. While diffused recessed light emits broad floodlight, directional recessed light will emit a narrow spotlight that that can be directed and controlled.
  • Hanging fluorescent light fixtures: These fluorescent light fixtures are also typically installed in ceilings. They come in the form of chandeliers, mini chandeliers, pendant, and the like. These types of light are usually found in living rooms, dinettes, kitchen counters, and well, even bathrooms. They come in different colors, designs, lengths, and styles and materials. Some designers have even customized it by incorporating photo frames, stenciling, crystals, beads, and fabrics.
  • Flush mount fluorescent ceiling fixtures: These light fixtures are commonly seen in hallways, foyers, and bedrooms— rooms with low ceilings. It comes in different shapes and styles that is sure to fit your tastes. This type of light minimizes the space between the light and ceiling, thus creating a smooth and even look. Fluorescent light fixtures such as these can instantly add a feeling of class and sophistication to any room.