To the casual observer, you may not believe flower types and meanings have any real validity to them. But the fact is, they do. There are certain flowers meant to be offered to other people for certain occasions.

The flower types and meanings will differ from one culture to the next, just as flowers differ between climates, so bear in mind the “rules” may simply be guidelines, after all.

captivating purple anemone flower

Flower types and their meanings

This list below should help you get a grasp on what is being discussed here. Bear in mind, you

can simply offer flowers as a gift of beauty; not necessarily a meaning-driven flower occasion.

But if you’re new to this concept then the flower types and meanings below should help set you along the right path:

  • Anemone – If you are a fan of mythology, then this meaning is for you. The Anemone is said to have been born of Aphrodite’s weeping tears while mourning Adonis after he passed away. It is believed that these flowers bring luck.
  • Gladiolus – A unique flower on an upright stalk and tube-shaped flower. This flower type is said to symbolize strength of character.
  • Hydrangea – These blossoms are often dried off the hydrangea shrubs and trees of homeowners’ lawns. It is an often white flower but comes in blue and pink varieties all suggesting a heartfelt message.
  • Snapdragon – This flower has a unique name and also flowers upright. It is a flower of desire; give it as a gift to suggest there is desire for the recipient or desire for a positive outcome to a grim life event.
  • Tulips – How do you convey love other than by roses? A collection of tulips, of course. These symbolize an announcement of love and care.
  • Sunflowers – A beautiful and common flower type, nothing but pure thoughts are conveyed as the meaning behind these flowers.
  • Iris bulbs – Share the meaning of offering your compliments with some iris bulbs. They are majestic, delicate, and a wonderful gift.

get fascinated with gentle iris bulbs

Benefits of giving flowers

Now that you know the flower types and meanings, what are the benefits of giving flowers to another person? The benefits are many.

  1. Promote happiness – Receiving flowers is such a friendly gesture that the recipient is often happy no matter the type of flower. Flowers induce happiness.
  2. The giver benefits by feeling appreciated for the gesture of giving the flower.
  3. Flowers brighten a home, make a fantastic table centerpiece, and teach the recipient about how to care for them.
  4. Reciprocity – When someone receives a beautiful gift of flowers, they feel obligated to pay the good deed forward to someone else.