Daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, crocus, lilies and iris bulbs are just but some of the famous flower bulbs you might see in a wonderful bouquet. As a gardener, you know how beautiful these flowers can be in your garden. And as flower bulbs as easy to care for, you certainly would like to have one or more kinds of it in your garden today to sprout beautiful flowers in spring or summer.

What flower bulbs are

No, their shapes do not make flowers classified as bulbs. Actually, there are three flower types that really look like flower bulbs but they are not. Aside from flower bulbs, there are flower corms and flower tubers. All of these flowers look so similar that often, famous flower bulbs are mistaken as such when in fact, they are either tuber or corm. Crocuses, in fact, are corms. That is why it is neither the shape nor the appearance that make a flower bulb.

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If so, then what does?

The flower bulb is actually the food storage of a plant. It contains all the necessities of a plant to produce a sprout until it can blossom a flower. Its center is like a cradle that supports baby flower bud. If you cut a bulb in half, it is so much like an onion. It surrounds the bud with layers of white and fleshy scales. These scales contain the food needed by the flower to live.

Just at the bottom of the bulb is the basal plate. The plate that anchors the scales is connected to a floral stalk and roots. All of these are covered with the tunic, an outer skin that protects the bulb and all.

The bulbs make taking care of your flowers easier. All you need to do is to sprinkle some water on your plants and the bulb will do the rest for your flower to bloom. Fall is the best time to plant these flower seeds and bulbs to bloom beautifully during spring. However, you have to consider your location and climate in planting flower bulbs.

Three classifications of flower bulbs

 There are actually three classifications of flower bulbs and they are as follows:

  1. Spring flower bulbs. As its name implies, they grow in spring. These flower bulbs are winter hardy and require having a winter frost dormancy period to bloom beautifully during spring. Known flower bulbs in this category are the daffodils, crocuses, tulips, alliums and hyacinths.
  2. Summer flower bulbs. These flower bulbs do not thrive on a winter frost that is why they are categorized as tender bulbs. These perennial flower bulbs cannot survive on places with cold winters. Popular summer bulbs are dahlias, gladiolas, begonias and lilies.
  3. Autumn flower bulbs. These flower bulbs are often planted during summer. Popular autumn flower bulbs are colchicums and autumn crocuses.

The  common uses for flower bulbs?

Flower bulbs are famous because they sprout majestic flowers that are easy to grow in a garden or sometimes, indoors too. You can plant them in your front lawn, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, borders, or in your pots. And as long as you have the right climate just for the right flower, you can plant its bulb and let it grow quite easily. They require less protection too as they are often mole-, squirrel- and deer- resistant.

The most popular use of flower bulbs is for naturalizing your landscape design. These are the flowers often use to create a scenic view in parks and the like. Decorative floral garden or your backyard garden can benefit with flower bulbs to blossom flowers just at the right time. Just like a garden with pond is expected to have lilies and this is perfect during summer.

Flower bulbs also make good inclusions in bouquets and other floral arrangements.

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Where to get the best flower bulbs

You can get mail order flower bulbs these days from websites offering flower bulbs. You can visit the following sites:

  1. http://www.flowerbulbsgarden.com/
  2. http://www.bulbsdirect.com/
  3. http://davesgarden.com/
  4. http://www.tulipworld.com/
  5. http://www.flowerbulbs.com/
  6. http://www.flowerbulbsinc.co.uk/tulip-bulbs/index.html
  7. http://www.americanmeadows.com/flower-bulbs

Flower bulbs are easy to plant and have many available resources online as to how to nurture these flowers in your garden. And not to mention that the flower bulbs can sprout really majestic flowers perfect for your garden and even inside your home.