Many people find themselves experiencing some common eye problems like not being able to read the small print in books or the newspaper or needing special reading glasses to see the computer screen. Eye problems usually come with age although some may occur as early as infancy. Here are five of the common eye problems experienced by people worldwide:

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1. Glaucoma – This eye problem leads to the injury of the optic nerve. When too much pressure is applied or experienced by the eye, it damages the optic nerve. These pressures may come from severe infection, blockage of blood vessels, physical injury or inflammation. The eye specialist may prescribe eye drops or surgery to treat the problem.

2. Presbyopia – This is usually an age-related vision problem where a person loses the ability to see close objects or small prints clearly. This is one of the common eye problems corrected using reading glasses. Clic reading glasses have five diopters from +1.5 up to +3.5 from which you can choose to insert your prescribed lenses. They also hang securely around your neck so that you will never misplace them.

3. Cataracts – These are cloudy areas that develop slowly in the eye’s lens often without pain or redness. It is difficult for light to enter the eye if these are present, which then leads to vision impairment. If cataracts get thick, they should be removed through surgery.

4. Dry eyes – When tear glands cannot produce sufficient tears, it results to dry eyes which can cause itching, burning, discomfort, or loss of vision. Treatments include a humidifier that replicates tears, or plugs that decrease tear drainage.

5. Astigmatism – This eye problem is a refractive error where the cornea, a tissue that covers the exposed eye, is curved abnormally. It results to vision that is out of focus, making it difficult for affected people to see fine details whether up close or distant objects. Blurry vision is also caused by other refractive errors like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Astigmatism is often present at birth but the cause is unknown. Glasses, contact lenses, or surgery will correct this eye problem.

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For all rare or common eye problems, a visit to an eye professional is a must. Most of these eye problems are diagnosed using an eye exam, with other tests done if primary results are unclear. The correct reading glasses often help to relieve many common eye problems that cause blurry vision, headaches or eye fatigue due to exercising extreme effort when reading or seeing fine details. When treatment is done properly, vision can often return to normal.