Fish oil vs flaxseed oil, which is better? This debate has been going on for quite a while now, and it is a favorite topic among people who are into healthy weight loss methods. The apparent difference between the two is on the mere physique. What people debate on are on the effects. Which of these two natural oils will bring the healthiest, most effective weight loss results?

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To better judge, it would be best to lay down the cards:

Flaxseed oil is made of plants and contain a number of nutrients that are not owned by the fish oil. Fish oil made of fish and also has a number of nutrients that are not owned by flaxseed oil. Both of these oils contain omega-3 which is very good for weight loss and heart health. Fish oil and weight are almost always synonymous, but flaxseed oil is making an impact in this department as well.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is made of plants that grow in the prairie region, northern Canada. This oil is believed to have the most omega-3 content than other oils. Nutrition experts strongly recommend the use of flaxseed oil in addition to other health supplements. This oil also has a number health benefits such as increase in stamina and metabolism and strengthening of liver function. Flaxseed oil also very useful for addressing a number of disease such as preventing cancer, asthma relief, psoriasis, eliminating dandruff, relieve menstrual pain, accelerate healing of sprains and more. This oil also does not smell fishy.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a byproduct of the processing the fish, usually canned fish and fish meal. It is extracted to obtain a variety of beneficial nutrients contained in the fish such as omega-3, vitamin, protein, and minerals. Consuming fish oil is better than any other health supplements. The fatty acid content is very useful to increase the metabolism and help lower cholesterol levels which not only aids in weight loss but in overall heart health. Fish oil also has a number of benefits for health such as reducing the risk of death from heart attack, lower blood pressure, increase metabolism, overcoming asthma, prevent prostate cancer, prevent breast cancer, reduce inflammation, overcome fatigue syndrome and more.

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Here is a breakdown of the essentials vitamins and nutrients found in both the flaxseed oil and fish oil.

Nutrient Content Of Fish Oil

– Omega-3
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin E

Nutrient Content of flaxseed oil

– Omega-3
– Omega-6
– Omega-9
– Vitamin B
– Potassium
– Lecithin
– Magnesium
– Protein
– Fiber

Based on the nutritional content, both oils are beneficial in very different ways and because of its high omega 3 content, metabolism and weight loss as well as overall heart health are benefitted.