Fish oil supplements refer to pills, capsules, tablets or soft gel that contains extracted fish oil, and are orally taken or swallowed by a person that needs to increase their consumption of fish oil, be it solely for better health reasons and other cases of self improvements. Therefore, they have to find an alternative source of fish oil which is a very essential nutrient in our bodies today.

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Is There a Standard Dosage?

Fish oil supplement can be over the counter drugs, commonly referred to as OTCs as well as prescription drugs for people who fall ill due to insufficient fish oil intake. Fish oil supplements include omega 3 fatty acids that are very necessary for cell functioning. The most perfect fish oil supplements dosage is not quite standard yet but there are various recommendations by health experts. Some of permitted dosages include;

  • 450-500 mg per day
  • 300-500 mg per day

There are individuals who are known to take up to even 1000mg per day and they are still in perfect health. This is to say that there is no standard dosage, provided on the start of taking these supplements; a small dosage is taken in order to determine possible allergies.

Leading Names in Fish Oil Supplements

To prevent cell malfunctioning for people who have an inadequate or no source of fish oil at all, fish oil supplements have to be taken. Some of t best fish oil supplements brands include those listed below;

  • Finest natural oil fish oil supplements
  • Ice land health fish oil supplements
  • Natrol fish oil supplements
  • Schiff fish oil supplements

Spring Valley fish oil is a fish oil supplement brand that usually has an enteric coating. This coating is most often coated with some sweet flavour that serves to protect soft jelly covering from releasing its taste in ones mouth, until it goes down to lower intestines. This fish oil supplement results in more essential fatty acids in a person’s body. Spring Valley fish oil is a preferred brand as it does not contain that smell of cod liver oil that people do not like.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil has many benefits. They are known to minimize if not cure the risk of many diseases. They are also a great source of stress reliever. Some benefits of fish oil supplements include;

  • Fish oil supplements stand no chance of having harmful chemicals while fish may contain harmful chemicals like mercury that they take in from pesticides and other harmful chemicals spilled in water
  • Consuming fish could add excess vitamins to a person’s body when consumed, while fish oil supplements contain only enough vitamins
  •  Fish oil supplements come in handy in emergencies like when one needs an immediate dose of fish oil due to some health reasons.
  • With fish oil supplements, one can tell the exact amount of fish oil he or she consumes in a day, unlike with eating fish itself.

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Fish oil has many proven medical results due to its important component – omega 3 fatty acids. With this discovery, companies have pursued to produce their own version of fish oil supplements. With all these variants available in the market, it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with whatever brand you pick.