There are many people who have just heard about the fire triangle and they really don’t know that what is a fire triangle. So, it is just a graphical device which shows three elements like fuel, oxidizing agent and heat. These are three main elements, which can cause fire in any area and complete the fire triangles.

the three essential ingredients for a fire

You must notice that the fire extinguisher guards use lots of water to put off the fire. When you see any building on fire, then according to the fire triangle, there will be lots of fuel in the form of wood and drywall which can easily catch the fire and the oxygen is another most important thing which allows the fire to spread as soon as possible. Water is the only thing, which stop the burning of fire and this is the reason fire extinguisher guards use the water as much as they can.

You must have also listened to the forest fire in relation to fire triangle, which is caused by excess fuel on the grass and due to high heat of sunlight. In addition, the high concentration of oxygen in the green area allows the fire to spread. Due to the forest fire every year, most of the trees burn which is a great environmental loss. This fire can be avoided by removing the excess oil from the grass. If there is less fuel, then there is less chances that the fire will start in the forest.

helpful sign in the creation of a fire

Fire triangle is also a sign of safety in a way that if there is any kind of the place where fuels are kept, then this sign can mention that it is a dangerous place and people should avoid going there. Also, the people who have to work there in any case, can also keep themselves safe with the help of the fire safety signs and also with the help of fire extinguishers. The management of any organization should take care of these things and need to guide their employees as to how they can keep themselves safe at the time of any fire incident. First of all, they have to wear such kind of uniform which should be fire resistant and also they should know how to use the fire extinguishers. There should also fire exit signs in the building so people who cannot get any chance to extinguish the fire they can run out from those exits to keep themselves safe.