A fire extinguisher sign is used to denote the location of a fire extinguisher that is in working condition. There is usually a clearly visible fire extinguisher sign at all such places where one can find an extinguisher for putting out a fire. The sign has a bright red background with a white shape of an extinguisher printed onto it. This graphic symbol can be found at all such locations where actual fire extinguishers have been installed. This is the universal symbol of a fire extinguisher sign.

informative fire extinguisher sign

However, there can be a slight variation in the fire signs in different parts of the world although they are made to look more or less the same. One can easily point out such a fire extinguisher sign because of the very basic way in which it is made.

It is very important to have a working fire extinguisher installed at all places be it a home, an office building or a public area. A fire is a sudden and unpredictable event that may occur without any prior warning signs. This makes it necessary for there to be adequate provisions to douse the flames before they have a chance of spreading and engulfing everything in their path.

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There are many fire extinguisher types that are available in the market, which can be purchased at a nominal price. There are certain well reputed companies that are in the business of manufacturing extinguishers. One should opt for a well-known company for buying this useful device so as to ensure safety and security. Halon fire extinguishers can be chosen for the home as well as the workplace.

There are different kinds of fire extinguishers that may be available. The difference is usually in the components and chemicals used to put out the flames. Some of them may consist of sand, water or baking soda. Different types of fire extinguishers are used to put out different kinds of fires. There are separate extinguishers for chemical based fires and separate ones for fires caused by short circuits. One may have to pick out distinct extinguishers based on whether they are required for the home or a factory.

emergency and fire extinguisher sign

Again, a fire extinguisher sign is very important as it helps a person figure out where he will be able to gain access to an extinguisher quickly. This is very important as in moments of panic. It can become quite a difficult task to be able to look for an extinguisher successfully. These large signs help to point the way so that this device can be used without any time delays. In addition, this will ensure that the fire extinguisher can help in possibly saving lives and properties. Most buildings make it a point to put up these signs especially public places like malls, shopping centers, theatres, etc.

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