Having a fire extinguisher in one’s home is a must and is a responsible thing to do. As for any other place other than a home it is required by rules, regulations and licensing. Just as important as having the fire extinguisher is to ensure that you perform a regular fire extinguisher inspection. Most commercial places require a yearly check be performed by fire staff. In addition to this, there should be monthly fire safety inspections done as well. This is done to ensure that all is working well because a faulty or non working fire extinguisher can be a real hazard.

fire extinguisher inspection for life safety

A fire extinguisher inspection is easy to book by calling your local fire department. As well you can perform an inspection for fire extinguishers yourself on a monthly basis. This is something quite simple to do and there is even a checklist for it. It will detail step by step what needs to be done and requires a short bit of your time. It will also explain what to do if a fire extinguisher is expired as well. Quite often people feel if it is expired then they just need to throw it out. This is not true. First of all, if it is being discarded then it needs to be done safely. Keep in mind they can be toxic and need to be discarded properly. If the proper facilities are available they can be recharged as well.

Performing a fire extinguisher inspection is quite easy. Let’s look at the steps:

* Set the same time every month and write it down so that it’s easy to remember.
* Make sure the fire extinguisher is accessible and ready to use.
* Make sure the pressure of the unit is in the green zone.
* Ensure all parts are clear and not obstructed.
* Check for dents, rust, leaks and make sure clean.
* Some manufacturers recommend shaking the can to mix powder.

affordable inspection for fire extinguishers

Above are some very easy and quick steps to perform a fire extinguisher inspection. It will not take long to do at all and once completed, you can feel assured it will be ready in case of emergency if needed. Wear and tear happens even if not in use. Yet with a monthly inspection, you will be able to catch this. As well make sure a yearly one is done by a certified fire staff. Having a fire extinguisher is one thing that protection to any place, even more so when serviced and inspected regularly.