It is but a human nature that we always want to give our family the best that we can provide, that includes even looking for the best toilets to make sure that they can be comfortable in using it too. Today’s modern world offers us a lot of options to suit our different needs and lifestyles.

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Choosing the best toilets for your family is not that easy. There are many things you need to consider. Listed below are the types of toilet with their important features that makes them different from each other.

Types of Toilet

  • Washdown Toilets – This is a kind of toilet that has a dual flush system. It has a large trap way and small water spots. Having the large trap way is good feature because it can avoid clogging however, the small water spots may not be able to provide a clean bowl.

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  • Pressure-assisted Toilets – It has a reputation of being one of the best rated toilets for its great performance. They tend to be much noisier as well as expensive when compared to the gravity toilets. When it comes to water savings, generally pressured assisted toilets uses 1.28 gallons of water to flush out human excrement. It needs at least a water pressure of 25 lbs. per square inch for these to work well.
  • Vacuum-assisted Toilets – These are almost exactly alike with the gravity toilets, the big difference however is that it creates vacuum to pull down waste through the bowl. This type of toilet is considered as one of the best toilets for close quarters where one wants to have quite trip to the toilet.

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  • Gravity-flush Toilets – These are the most popular types of toilets. One brand that tops it all is the Toto Drake toilet that is considered as one of the best toilets for flushing. It can flush of up to 900 grams of human excrement. It uses the gravity of the water to cause flushing pressure, and as a result save electrical energy. The gravity flush toilets are inexpensive yet they are very powerful and easy to maintain as well as repair. It is recommended for homes that have low water pressure.

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These are just few of the best toilets that you can easily obtain in the market today. Whatever type of toilet you decide to purchase, just make sure that you choose amongst the best flushing toilets  that goes well with your household water supply pressures, so that you will have less or no concerns about toilet clogging in the future.