This is good news! Do you know that lots of perfume lovers like you thrive on buying discount perfumes? These perfumes are not cheap, second rate perfumes. These can be designer perfumes that are otherwise too expensive if not for the fact that they are on a discount.

And the most exciting part of it is that you don’t have to wait at the end of the year for some discounted sale. Discount designer perfumes can be availed any time of the year.


The following tips will help you enjoy the fragrances you love the most at a price you can afford.

royal class scent for a discounted price

Know where to buy your perfume

The first thing you should do if you want to buy discount perfume is to know where you can buy the perfumes. The following suggestions are a good place to start searching for your favorite fragrance.

  1. Buy the perfume you like online. Why? It is a fact that online stores have lesser upkeep maintenance than that of a physical perfume store. That is why online shops are able to offer a variety of discount perfumes and colognes. Offering discounted items online such as perfumes can come in many ways too. There are great deals, discount coupons and sales, and group buying coupons often offered by online shopping centers. You just need to do the following to ensure you are getting the deal you are searching for
    • Read reviews on blogs and forums about perfumes shop websites. It is best to gather as much information on the website selling discount perfumes and if they are really selling top quality or original fragrances.
    • Read their terms and conditions very carefully. Find out their mode of payment and how they are to deliver your perfume. Also, you need to know how much their shipping amount is. Some might offer the lowest perfume price ever only to pay higher on shipment. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon online shopping sites offering free shipping.
    • Compare one perfume site to another. Once you are sure about their reviews and the quality of their products, you need to compare the prices to other sites offering the same product. Choose which you can have the most discounted amount.

Suggested Online Perfume Shoppes

  • – this is a very trusted site you can visit if you want to inquire about discount perfumes. The site also have a very vast collection of discounted celebrity perfumes such as perfumes by J.LO, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and a lot more.
  • – claiming to be America’s number one perfume website, sure is seen as a trusted site. Their feature fragrances are Wings, Forever, Diva, Oscar, Crystal Noir, Carolina Herrera, L’Instant, First and Champs Elysees. You can also avail some celebrity perfumes here such as Jessica McClintock perfume and Jennifer Aniston perfume and save up to 47%.
  • – Among their featured products are 212, Eternity Summer, the Beat, ROMANCE, Si Lolita and Oh! Lola. They have discount perfumes for women as well such as their bestseller Daisy.

always affordable viva la juicy

Other sites you can also try for discount perfumes are, and of course, on eBay. You can also try to visit Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and Ross Dress for Less as they say they offer discounted perfumes.

And to ensure you are on a safe site, you can also use and free site review services to know if a site is trustworthy or not.

  1. In buying perfume offsite or at your local store, you need to be wiser than most to be able to avail discount perfumes. You will still need to make use of local and online newspapers or blog information to know what perfumes are on sale or on a discount. Most often, discounts happen in your local department store too. You just have to watch out for seasonal sales, deals and coupons.

Availing discount perfumes doesn’t make your fragrance experience cheap. Aside from the fact that you can save a great deal, it is also fun to watch out for discounted fragrances online or offline. Some will even go to the extent of asking for sample fragrances or fragrances that are not launched yet but are distributed for a trial period in the market. It does not matter if you have the means or not. Buying discount perfumes or any other items made perfume buying experience exciting and made you a wiser buyer.