Why would you need commercial printers? How do you think are all the printed materials you see around you come about? You roam around the city, you see company and product billboards.This is made possible by a large format printer.

There’s a new product they want to introduce, business companies give out flyers. They want to show off a series of models and their features, they use brochures or direct mailers. So as not to be forgotten they leave out company and personal contact information by giving out business cards. The idea is based on a business concept and made out of a goal.

So what really is this thing called commercial printers? What are considered the best commercial printers today? So many questions can come up to our minds when we are fascinated by something. And once we get to know how it works and its amazing capabilities, the next question would surely be, is it possible to find cheap commercial printers?

contemporary HP design jet 130 large format printer

The Process of Printing in Commercial Printers

The process of how printing on these huge equipment are made is a technology that is simple and something that has not changed for over a century.

Plates: First you have the plates that are made of aluminum that are pressed out to mirror the image on the artwork.

  • These plates contain the cyan, black, magenta and yellow (CMYK) combinations.
  • These plates are wrapped around the huge cylinders that makes the ink fill up the shape of the aluminum plate.

Blanket Cylinder: This is where the ink is poured which is transferred to the rubber roller we call the blanket cylinder.

  • This one is used to allow the paper to roll in order to fill the image with the correct CMYK ink.
  • This impression cylinder functions to push the paper to the same process around 10,000 times per hour in order to get the perfect shade.
  • Each of these presses is composed of four colors, and it passes through the heating area of the printer which is used to dry up the ink before printing on the other side of the printing material.

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Basically when you say printing using commercial printers, the concept is translated from artwork to the paper. There is a new technology that is used by most modern companies today such that offset printing is used in order to transfer to the paper colours cyan, black, magenta and yellow in order to come up with the final coloured resulting image. This is better known as CMYK in the digital world or in the printing industry.

In other words, sometimes when we choose commercial printers, we consider the quality of print and the quality of the printer itself, including the cost of maintenance and ink. For sure if you know where to find theprinter, you would be able to find commercial printers for sale that suit your needs.