You might not be aware how fiber optic cables work and facilitate in your daily undertakings and you may never even know how complex its jobs could be even if it could just be too small to be doing some great jobs. You may have heard about its term but you may never really know what it is for and how they have been doing to help us daily.

This type of cable can be usually found in the cables in your internet, television, and in your mobile phones. They are too tiny just like the strand of your hair yet they can perform such excellent jobs for you, isn’t it amazing?

facts about fiber optics cable

Types of Fiber Optic Cables

The fiber optic cables have different types which you should know in order for you to be able to identify one from the others. Basically, there are two different types of fiber optic cables the singlemode fiber and the multimode fiber.

  • Singlemode fiber: used to transmit information for long distance transmissions through a laser light since it can be used up to 100 kilometers or 62 miles
  • Multimode fiber: can only be used up to 2 kilometers or 1.25 miles both are without repeaters.

Uses of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables can also be used in so many other ways like it can be used in some audio cabling wherein the fiber optic audio cables are being used.

  • This audio cable which are fiber optic can really be used and very helpful in your home since these are being used for television and the DVDs and CDs.
  • Since this is also used in some internet cables, it really makes the connections very high.
  • You may also be able to use audio cables for your car audio components.

Where to Buy:

On-site Stores and Retailers

The fiber optic cables can usually be bought from electrical stores in your community or from department stores and malls where the retailers or distributors of such have been able to display this so that most people will get to buy this type of cable easily.

Online Markets

You may also buy some custom fiber optic cables from online stores where you may be able to see its features and be able to view its usage. Most of the fiber optics that are being offered online are really being reviewed by many so you would be able to really know what type that you are going to buy.

modern use of fiber optics cable

Cost of Fiber Optic Cables

The cost of most fiber optic cables can vary from the type those they you are going to buy and for what its usage may be. The Toslink cable may also vary in pricing depending on the kind of brand that it has as well as on where you are going to connect it to.

  • This type of cable is usually used for audio purposes as in for connecting your CDs, DVDs, video games and the likes.
  • Like the other kind of cables, fiber optic ones could be quite a lot more expensive than the ordinary cables because of the kind of materials that it has been using which actually are some fiber glasses and never plastic ones.