The Fender Starcasteris an electric guitar initially produced by the Fender Company in the year 1974. However, the vintage Fender Starcaster was not commercially successful, most probably because of insufficient promotion and product endorsements. But even so, a number of high-profile guitarists prefer to use this instrument. Such guitarists include:

  • Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood
  • Mooney Suzuki
  • Sammy James, Jr.
  • English singer Morrissey

Currently, the Fender Company revived the name Starcaster, which consists of a range of instruments and accessories that target students and beginner musicians.

semi-hollow fender starcaster electric guitar


The old Fender Starcaster was created with a unique headstock construction that has a painted curved bottom that matches the color of the guitar’s body. Today, modern variations still adopted the classical compact design to suit all music genres, along with the traditional hard body and maple neck. On the guitar’s fret board, you will see a 22-fret rosewood that comes with dot position engraves. Latest models are available in a vast array of contemporary colors including:

  • candy apple red and torino red
  • 3-tone sunburst
  • Black and metallic black
  • black cherry burst and silver burst
  • metallic blue and flat grey

Features and Accessories

The latest Fender Starcaster guitars’ features include 3 single-coil pickups, synchronous tremolo bridge, 5-way switching with volume and 2-tone controls for tonal variety. Here are the other features and accessories of these guitars.

  • Fender Starcaster electric guitars come with a Squier SP-10 Amplifier which is portable, loud and produces a tube-like sound. By using this amplifier, the user can easily adjust the bass, treble and volume of the sound that comes out through its 6-inch speaker. For those who want to practice silently, the amplifier is created with a headphone output which accepts all standard headphone models.
  • For better playing experience, consider buying the guitar with a Fender Deluxe Reverb,  a 22-watt amplifier with a 12-inch speaker that is excellently designed to produce full and clear sounds.
  • The Fender electric guitar also comes with strings, a strap, picks, a 10-foot cable, a gig bag, a tuner, an instructional DVD and a guitar stand.

original fender modern player starcaster

Rating and Price

According to the Fender Starcaster review on various websites, the Fender Starcaster makes a great guitar with an excellent sound. The amplifier produces clear sounds and it is highly recommended for players of any skill levels. Additionally, users are satisfied with the value they acquired with the low Fender Starcaster price, which comes around $100 to $165.

The Fender Starcaster is definitely a good buy for beginners and professional musicians alike. Create great music with these guitars.