A rollator walker, also known as a rolling walker, is ergonomically designed to make walking smoother and allows a user to glide on ground without much effort. Rollator walkers are trendy compared to the other types of walkers, thus, come in a variety of colors that are both fashionable and sleek.

trouble- free deluxe padded seat rolaator with storage box

Features and Uses

A rollator walker has these following features.

  • It has wheels that help in increasing mobility and control to anyone using it. They come in a variety of wheel sizes and are available in both 3 and 4 wheeler designs.
  • Along with the wheels are hand brakes to help in reducing speed and to facilitate stopping.
  • Other are with rollator walker accessories like an oxygen tank attachment and shopping basket when the need arise.
  • Some of these walkers can have an optional seat; hence the name rollator walker with seat.

A walker with seat is recommended since they provide one with a place to rest when tired. Rollator walkers are used by elderly people who have trouble walking and other people with mobility issues. They are also used by patients who need exercise for their legs and arms. They are best for people who experiences fatigue easily or have strength issues.

Adjusting the Walker

While using a rollator walker, it is important to keep its height adjusted to a comfortable level that will promote good posture and proper control of the walker. As walkers are made by various manufacturers, adjusting will differ. Some are operable by compression mechanism while others are manually held by bolts. Below are basic instructions on how to adjust this walker.

  • Place your rollator in front of you on a non-slip surface. Through this, you will be able to make adjustments where you get tired easily then you should take a seat and let someone help you in making adjustments.
  • Unscrew pins holding the handlebars to make adjustments since these are held in place by screws.
  • While holding the brakes, lift or drop the handlebars to a point where your wrists are parallel to the bar and are comfortable to operate.
  • Reinsert back the pins and screws.
  • Move around with your rollator walker to ensure comfort on adjustment and set to whichever point you are contented.
  • One important thing to note is not to do adjustments alone especially when you know you are not strong enough to stand for long or you need assistance. Call on someone to assist you in adjusting your walker.

accommodative rollator walker

Note that rollator walker parts for repair can easily be accessed from stores that sell these walkers.

Consider purchasing a rollator walker today for easy mobility comfort and operability.