Plunge bra is usually worn with low cut t-shirts or dresses. This deep plunge bra gives you a deep neckline as well as cleavage and helps in making your breast look fuller.


Here are the features of plunge bra.

  • The striking feature of plunge bra is the U-shaped and plunged center. This actually creates a beautiful neckline.
  • To help in lifting one’s breasts and hold them in position, these bras are padded.
  • This bra has the usual band and cups.
  • They usually have convertible straps which you can change from the traditional straps style to the crisscross style. This choice will depend on the outfit that you will be wearing.
  • Regardless of how they look, they are still comfortable to wear.
  • Plunge bras are made from a wide range of materials such as lace, satin and cotton or can be a combination of materials.
  • They are also available in many colors which make it easy for you to choose the color that will blend in with your apparel. They come in black, white, cream, red, blue and nude colors among others.

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A plunge bra is purchased according to services you require from it. If you require a deeper cleavage, go for the extreme cleavage plunge bra. This is not only going to give you the best look, but it also helps to make your breast look well defined. When wearing a backless low cut dress, you can opt for a backless plunge bra. Most of these bras are strapless hence blending in well with your backless dress. To add a variety in your wardrobe, you can also have balconette bras. These bras also function like plunge bras but it has no U-shaped center in between the two cups.

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Factors When Purchasing Bras

Below are some factors to consider while purchasing bras.

  • Ensure that you know your bra size so as to be able to purchase the one that perfectly fits you.
  • Choose the best material that gives you a comfortable feel.
  • Take your time to source for the best prices to enable you to save money.

Plunge bras are a must have for any woman as these bras blend well with various types of clothing ranging from casual to official wear. Finding a good bra that can blend easily with your clothes is challenging. However, note that this concern can be addressed by plunge bras due to their low cut design.