Lacrosse cleats are an important part of the lacrosse gear. Although lacrosse cleats tend to be left out when mentioning the game’s gear, the cleats are one of the most important components of this gear as the game involves a lot of movement.


The best lacrosse cleats a lacrosse player could find are the kinds of cleats that provide stability as well as firmness in their steps. Lacrosse cleats are specially designed to provide those mentioned with the addition of agility and precision. These are enabled by the presence of spiky, rubber protrusions from its sole, bringing about more traction; hence, enabling its wearer to make more abrupt turns and stops as well sharp turns. Apart from being functional, these cleats also need to be comfortable to its wearer as comfort is vital for good performance.

warrior burn mid cut royal blue plaid molded lacrosse cleats

Some of the important features of lacrosse cleats that are considered to be the qualities being searched while shopping for them are the following:

  • Comfort – The more comfortable the player is, the higher is the chances of success in the game.
  • Size – Well fitting shoes are the best as they guarantee comfort to its wearers.
  • Functionality – Lacrosse cleats need to be able to serve their purpose.

In addition, lacrosse is a special kind of game that is played on turf; hence, its cleats are bound to differ from other kinds of cleats used in other sports like football and hockey. The difference is brought about by the type and design of the cleats. Nike is one of the top and trusted brands of sports shoes today; therefore, Nike lacrosse cleats sell a lot. The cleats at the base of these shoes are of good quality and for this reason, these cleats provide for a proper grip for its wearer.

pink warrior burn womens lacrosse cleat

Choosing the Appropriate Lacrosse Cleats

The choice for lacrosse cleats differs a lot with regard to age as well as sex.

  • Apart from being functional for instance, youth lacrosse cleats need to be stylish since for the young folk, image is everything.
  • Style, on the other hand, would not mater that much when it comes to selecting womens lacrosse cleats. For women, functionality and comfort are all that matter to them in the selection of footwear.

Lacrosse cleats are different for men and women depending on where the league is being held may it be indoors or outdoors. Therefore, one is expected to be very careful when buying these shoes. Choose wisely and play the game well with a comfortable lacrosse cleats.