If you are an avid bike rider, you know that there are all different types of bike pedals for you to get, depending on the type of bike you have and where you use your bike. There are three main types that you will come across, and these include clipless bike pedals, platform pedals and cage bike pedals. Every type has its own purpose, and each will make a huge difference on how you ride or how your bike will perform.

nashbar cage all purpose mountain bike pedal

What You Need For Your Mountain Bike

If you are mountain biker, you will no doubt want bike pedals that can withstand rough riding. Some features to look for with mountain bike pedals are:

  • Lightweight in design
  • Sealed bearings to keep out mud or moisture
  • Replaceable pins on surface to increase grip in slippery conditions

Many riders prefer to get the clipless bike pedals for mountain biking, as they usually have a very stable connection to the bike which enables you to pedal more effectively, plus you can use the power of your legs to move the cranks in a full circle. Riders also like these bike pedals because they help to keep the foot on the pedal in the toughest terrains and also make it much easier to jump over obstacles.

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Pedals for Road Riding

Since the pedal is the most important link between your road bike and you, you want to make sure that you have quality bike pedals that will work how you need them to. Again, many riders will choose the clipless style for their road bike pedals, as they have a system that features a cleat that you can fasten to the sole of your shoe. This way, you can clip in and out of the pedals just about instantly and it is also safe and easy.

If you are looking for great road bike pedals, you might want to take a look at the Shimano 105 pedals for road biking. These pedals give you the same great technology of similar models like the Dura-Ace and the Ultegra, but they are much more affordable. Features of these Shimano 105 pedals include:

  • Cleats with a  +/- degree float
  • Release tension that you can adjust
  • Very wide platform for good power transfer and a small amount of maintenance
  • Cartridge bearings that are sealed
  • Stainless steel, durable body cover
  • SPD-SL cleat compatible

Choosing the right bike pedals for your bike is very important to how well and safely you will be able to ride. With a little bit of research and knowledge you will be able to get the right ones for your bike and that you are comfortable using so that you can have the most enjoyable rides.