Technology has really changed and nowadays there is basically a thing for doing anything. The digital world has been greatly transformed and nowadays items like mobile phones have been so advanced they have touch screens in place of keypads. When scrolling through such phones, you use a special type of pen that is provided to you by your phone manufacturer. This type of pen is called a stylus pen. There are different types of stylus pens but the most common one is Bamboo stylus.

Evolution Of The Stylus Pen

Stylus pens have been in use for a long time. It is alleged that people in Mesopotamia in those old days also used them though they were the crude type. The use of pens has continued all through the years but their popularity hit an all-time high with the introduction of touch screens. These touch screens utilize Bamboo stylus and other types of stylus pens. It has grown to become a very important gadget since it greatly eases your navigation on your touch screen phone or any device that uses touch screens such as an iPad.

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Features Of The Bamboo Stylus

  • Any Bamboo stylus pen has been well designed to effectively perform its duties. The basic feature that it has is the fact that it can be tucked in your phone or whatever other touch screen gadget it is that you are using. This prevents it from getting lost which might prove costly when getting a Bamboo stylus replacement.

  • The pen has a fine tip that is safe for your touch screen. Like the Bamboo fun stylus, which is designed specifically for the Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch, works seamlessly and doesn’t cause damage to your gadget.

  • There are different designs that a customer can choose from based on the color, type of tip as well as the height of the pen.

Recently there is another gadget that was developed, Wabcom Intuos, which has several noticeable differences when compared to the Bamboo. Below is a comparison between these two gadgets.

Comparison Of Bamboo And Wabcom Intuos

  • By Types

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Bamboo has five different types which are all highly pressure sensitive gadgets. Wabcom has only two and these include Bluetooth wireless and USB interfaced.

  • By Size

Wabcom tablets come in four different sizes that offer diverse line fidelities and high resolution as compared to Bamboo. Bamboo offers only one exceptional workspace.

  • By Feature

In terms of their features, Bamboo has a lower resolution that means lesser number of lines per inch as compared to Wabcom Intuos. Bamboo also offers 512 levels of Bamboo stylus pen sensitivity while Wabcom offer 1024.

  • By Price

A big advantage of Bamboo gadgets is that they are cheaper than the Wabcom Intuos.