The shoes a bride puts on during her wedding are just as important as the wedding gown itself. It is important that these two complement each other in terms of color and design. For this reason, it is advisable for the wedding shoes to be bought in line with the wedding dress. Some of the important features that have to be present in all wedding shoes include:

  • Comfort – They ought to be extremely comfortable since comfort for the bride equals confidence.
  • Size – These shoes ought to precisely fit its wearer to ensure comfort.
  • Theme – The color of the shoes should match the theme of the wedding but it comes always in white color.
  • Matching length of heel

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Popular Designs

As compared to other types of shoes, wedding shoes tend to:

  • Come in brighter shades
  • Stand out in terms of beauty and design
  • Are always high heeled or wedged rather than flats

There is a wide variety of designs and styles of these shoes. Some of the most popular designs that are chosen for modern weddings today include:

  • Wedge heels
  • Peep toe and closed toe high heels
  • High heels with ties
  • Shoes with thick heels

For a bride going for comfort, stability, elegance and class on her wedding day, wedge wedding shoes are the most appropriate to wear. Although many brides prefer to go for regular heels, fashion today states that elegance lies in the wedge shoes.

Varying Kinds

There are different kinds of wedding shoes, but the most preferred kind is the dyeable one. Many wedding experts recommend dyeable wedding shoes for the bare fact that wedding shoes are hard to come by and with dyeable types, an individual can buy any color provided the design suits them and later dye them in line with the wedding dress as well as with the theme of the wedding. Another advantage of these shoes is their versatility.

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Very many individuals have mixed feelings about designer wedding shoes. While some people think that they are investments worth making for that big day, others see them as a pure waste of money since more often than not, bridal shoes are not appropriate to wear all the time. These shoes are quite expensive and for this reason, are not affordable to many. If you choose to have a beach wedding, you can go for a more casual kind of flat shoes such as the jelly shoes. These shoes are usually quite cheap and they come in a variety of colors and designs. It is important for one to take time and select wedding shoes appropriately to avoid inconveniences during the ceremony.