The Sunny tires company is one of the largest state-owned tire manufacturing companies in China. With three manufacturing facilities, the company produces over 12 million sets of tires per year. Offerings range from economy tires to the UHP line of sports and racing tires.

Since their debut, Sunny tires reviews have been positive. This has lead to many awards from various organizations and industries. They were also the official tire of all transports for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Sunny tires feature innovative designs, in-depth specifications and a wide variety of tread patterns to suit nearly any vehicle, climate or driving style.

well made snow sunny tires

Sunny Tires Series

Sunny tires for sale are separated into five distinct tire series. Each offer specific benefits and traits to help increase safety and reliability while providing long lasting performance. The five different lines include:

  • Passenger Car and Minivan Sunny Tires

This series includes the SN828, SN880 and SN600 models. Each of these models features a tread wear resistant compound, large outer-shoulder blocks and specialized tread patterns. The results are improved handling and braking, slow and even tread wear and increased safety. These models are designed for regular use at average speeds in a variety of conditions. Each model features between three and six longitudinal grooves for increased water channel and skid resistance during slippery driving conditions.

ultra high performance sunny tires

  • Ultra High Performance Sunny Tires

This series includes the SN3630, Sunny SN3800 tires and SN3970 models. These tires are designed for high-output and luxury sport vehicles, including BMW, Audi and Porsche. Each design includes an enhanced center block for improved steering sensitivity, unidirectional tread pattern for improved response and grip and lateral grooves to keep the tire firmly on the ground during wet driving conditions. Every tire in this series is rated for speeds up to 240 kilometers per hour (149 miles per hour) to ensure safe performance even during aggressive or sport driving.

superb grip SUV sunny tire

  • Crossover and SUV Sunny Tires

This series includes a wide variety of models. Traditional tires, such as the SN282C, SN3606 and SN288C, provide superb grip, handling and load bearing in a standard design. Low profile models, including the SN3870, SN3890 and SN3980, offer many of the same benefits with a slim appearance perfect for cars with custom wheels or modern styling. Each design provides a wide shoulder and innovative tread designs to ensure maximum stability, grip and safety while under load.

  • Light Truck Sunny Tires

These tires are designed to provide stability and strength while transporting goods at high speeds. The SN223C offers outstanding all season performance and safety. The SN225C offers enhanced drainage and wide shoulders for superb wet weather handling. The SN221C offers high wear resistance, reinforced tire structure and a tread optimized for regular highway use.

excellent performance minivan sunny tire

  • Snow Sunny Tires

Sunny snow tires offer outstanding grip and anti-skid protection during slushy or snowy conditions. Features of the SN3830, SN290C, SN293C and SN3830 tires include optimized tread design for maximum grip and slush clearance, specialized tire compound for even wear and enhanced grip and wide unilateral groves to help the tire cut through snow, slush and ice with ease.

These are the basic tire types that Sunny manufactures. Get to know more about them by visiting other websites or online shops.