There are many different types of faucets available in the market today. Each type serves a specific purpose and comes handy for specific reasons. There are sink faucets, kitchen faucets and shower faucets to name a few and each faucet has different faucet parts. It is important to know about these parts because the information comes handy when you are trying to repair a leaky faucet or a noisy faucet. Instead of calling the plumbing unit for every small faucet problems, having knowledge about faucet parts will help you a great deal with saving money and time. You can repair your faucets yourself with this information when need be. Here is some important information about different faucet parts and where to find them.

Different Faucet Parts

  • Tail Piece

  • Mounting Nut

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  • Supply Tube

  • Shut Off Valve

  • Control Valve or Compression Valve

  • Aerator Valve or Faucet Valve

The most important among these parts is of course the compression valve because it controls the water flow and even decides between the cold and hot water supply. They could be of different types varying with the company and the type of faucet you use.

Famous Brands of Faucet Parts

  • Kohler Faucet Parts: This is a very famous brand and is preferred by many people. You can easily find these parts over the Internet or in your nearest department stores. The added advantage is that they are cheaper and you won’t have to spend unnecessarily by relying on the plumber for parts. They are highly durable and will last long provided you purchase an authentic piece. It’d be ideal to directly to the company’s website or the company’s store in order to be on the safe side.

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  • Delta Faucet Replacement Parts: The best place to look for these is again the company’s main website. Shopping over the Internet is feasible and quick. Make sure you check the model when you make your search because the company sells a great range of faucet parts. Finding the exact one that you require thus is essential. You can also find them at home improvement stores and plumbing stores. Even plumbing stores can house these parts and you could simply buy what you require. However, dealing with the company directly is the best option.

  • Grohe Faucet Parts: You can choose these parts if you are looking for luxurious faucet parts that will go with your decor. You can also find these over the Internet or your local home improvement store. These could be slightly pricey though.

Now that you know everything you need, go ahead and buy the parts that you need with convenience!