Blonde hair color is highly popular among women. It is fun and there are so many different shades of blonde hair colors that finding the right one for you is quite easy. However, there are numerous things to consider when you pick from different blonde hair colors available; such as your skin tone, the condition of your hair and your face cut. Here are some tips when it comes to selecting blonde hair colors:

Choosing Among the Different Blonde Hair Colors

Based on type of hair and hair style:

  • Brunettes shouldn’t go for a complete blonde hair style. It won’t really look nice especially if you have shoulder-length wavy hair. You can go for caramel highlights instead. Add texture alongside to get an amazing effect when you go out in the sun.
  • Vanilla blonde color is ideal for wavy and soft hairstyles. These hair styles are really famous right now and can be perfect for you.
  • It is a great idea to get a multi-colored layered hair style if you want a unique look. This is especially great if your hair is light brown. Begin with the darker shades of blonde hair colors underneath and then lighten the shades as you go to the top layers. If your hair is of medium length and straight, this hair style will particularly suit you best.

Based on the length and condition of the hair:

Be Beautiful with Herbal Essences Hair Colors

  • If your hair is long, chances are it is dull and damaged. You should thus go for natural hair colors like herbal essences hair color in order to get the right color and also to protect your hair from further damage. The chemicals in the usual hair colors can be very harsh and have the potential of damaging your hair further. Thus, natural is the best way to go if your hair condition is not really fine.

Based on skin tone:

Best Dark Blonde Hair Colors

  • Dark blonde hair colors are highly versatile and beautiful. It is especially recommended if you have a warmer skin tone. There are also dirty blonde hair colors that are ideal for those with warmer complexions. Light blonde hair colors suit those with lighter skin tone. The secret here is to try getting a completely natural look. If you pick the wrong shade, you might just end up spoiling your overall look.

Idea for Dirty Blonde Hair Colors

As mentioned here, there are many different options to select from. You have to be very careful about the skin tone and the condition of your hair. If you are not sure about the right blonde hair colors for you, it’d be best to talk to a professional hair stylist instead of ruining your look for several months. If you are going permanent, it is needless to say that you have to be extremely careful with each step.