The leopard print dress has never been more popular than it is right now. If you have not got one in your wardrobe, then it is a good idea to get looking for one to add to your dress collection. That is, if you want to look great and be on top of the trends this season. Animal print clothing has seen a big revival in the last few years as the leopard print dress, zebra stripe trousers and panda patch blouse have all made reoccurring appearances on the runway.

In the past, the leopard print dress may have only been worn by the young, funky, and cool who were trying to stand out from the crowd and be noticeable, whereas these days there are a variety of more formal styles of dress with the eye catching print on them.

cute leopard print dress

It is possible to purchase a leopard print prom dress, which is sure to make you look great and ensure that you are remembered in your yearbook. The leopard print dress is a strong and definitive look for anyone who wears it, so it is important that it is worn in the right way and with the right accessories in order to ensure that it looks its best. With the wrong styling, it might lead to a fashion disaster outfit, or a fancy dress costume.

pretty leopard print prom dress

Tips on How To Pull It Off

  • Never mix patterns. It would be a big mistake to mix a leopard print maxi dress with a patterned cardigan on top. This makes the outfit too busy for the eye to look at and detracts away from the gorgeous print. Wearing way too loud outfits may attract negative comments from onlookers.

  • Wear the appropriate makeup colors. In a similar way to the clashing patterns, the wrong style of makeup can conflict with the strong coloration in the dress and this will not look good. If your leopard print dress is colorful, opt for lighter shades of make-up.

long leopard print maxi dress

  • Get the size right. A plus size leopard print dress can look great on a plus size frame of body. However, a poorly fitted tight leopard print dress on a fuller figure can be a fashion mistake, not too mention compromised comfort.

best plus size leopard print dress

  • Accessorize wisely. It is important to select the right bag, shoes, and jewelry to go with the outfit. Smart, sleek and simple black accessories are usually just the things. Avoid any bright or strong color schemes, as these will definitely not go well with the overall look. Black can make the leopard print look sophisticated and really enhance the look.

One more tip that should always be considered when purchasing clothing is to take someone along with you who will give you an honest opinion of what you look like when you try something on. It is easy for us all to get carried away when we like an item and not look honestly in the mirror. It is equally as common for the opinion of a friend or family member to be too kind. You need the advice of someone who can be honest, even if it is not what you want to hear.