Short skirts are a trend that has been there since time in memorial and to date it is still much practised and well loved. Today, trend is still the same. However, the design of short skirts being worn remains dynamic due to the dynamic nature of the fashion world. Fashion designers out there today have been coming up with newer and better designs of short skirts, keeping the trend on its toes through time.

One has to be careful when putting on short skirts. As much as this is a common trend, the way one puts on a skirt speaks volumes about her character and nature. There is a thin line between sexy and trashy, and it is, therefore, essential that one does not cross that line unintentionally and embarrasses herself. Sexy short skirts need to be chosen in accordance to one’s body type. It is common knowledge that short skirts are not for everyone. This is because the kind of legs one has, vastly determines her look in a short skirt. The weather also in a way determines ones look in a short sexy skirt. Being in such a skirt in the cold season makes one look as if she is trying too much to impress, which is not acceptable.

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The plus size individual ought not to feel locked out of the short skirts craze since today; there are the plus size short skirts that have been designed specifically for the plus size ladies. It is crucial for these ladies to know their size and accept it rather than go for smaller skirts, then later look like they squeezed themselves into ill fitting clothes. Stockings are also quite suitable for plus size ladies. There are the short skirts dresses that are worn today, and are meant for both the young children and the ladies. Young children put these short skirt dresses and accompany them with either a pair of stockings or leggings. Ladies can, however, put the short skirt dresses without the stockings, especially for nigh outs.

There is a kind of short skirts that started being popular back in the 1940s. This is the peplum skirt. These skirts today come in different styles some of which are;

  • Pencil
  • Flared
  • Small waists

Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Short Skirts

  • Ensure that the skirt is of balanced length.
  • Do not put on one if you do not have the legs for it.
  • Match your skirt up well.
  • Put on stockings if the skirt is too short

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More often than not, short skirts are worn with high heels but depending on the occasion; flat shoes could always do. Both small and large earrings go well with short skirts.