T shirts are one of the oldest fashion apparels used and modernized by both men and women. They add to coolness and beauty for both the sexes. As and when people’s mentality towards fashion has changed, t shirt business has evolved respectively. Cool t shirts are the latest market trends prevalent in market for maximum users all around the globe. Keeping in mind the latest fashion trends unisex t shirts are manufactured to gain customer satisfaction with respect to the cultural and social factors followed across the globe.

artistic t shirt business

Popular styles and types

Various styles and types for cool t shirts are available for both the sexes. Depending on the way of dressing and choice following are the t shirt styles available:

For Men

  • Plain T Shirts: The most basic yet elegant looking t shirts are plain colored t shirts available in all active colors. They provide the basic coolness factor for men.
  • Cool Graphic T Shirts: These cool designs for t shirts are famous among the youth who want extensive yet meaningful graphics on them. With changing fashion trends, these cool graphic t shirts are in demand.

simple but cool vintage t shirts

  • Cool Vintage T Shirts: Vintage t shirts are famous among many people in the age group 30-40 yrs. T shirts are called vintage because of the cut, shape and design patterns made on them.
  • Customizable T Shirts: Cool design t shirts come under this category with customer selected design patterns on them.
  • Polo T Shirts: These are collared t shirts available very easily in the market.
  • Round Neck T Shirts: Even these are prevalent around the global market.
  • Crew Neck: One of the famous styles easily available for women, which gives a trendy look.

For Women:

  • Tanks: Fashion style statement can be enriched by using tank t shirts.
  • Spaghetti Strap: This type of t shirt is highly fashionable for women, which helps them look beautiful and sexy.

Fashion Tips

With variety of cool t shirts available, different fashion combinations can be selected for both men and women. Following are some of them:

Undeniably cool graphic t shirts

  • As these cool t shirts can be considered as all purpose apparel which can be used with jeans, trousers and shorts and wore anywhere like mall, gym, supermarket, playing field.
  • The most famous combination is wearing t shirt inside a blazer and which can be carried by both the sexes. It is considered to be an apt clubbing or partying attire till date. Women can use high heels along with black or grey jeans to beautify the look.
  •  Short-sleeved t shirt can be worn along with a long sleeved t shirt to get the rapper look or the guy with skates look. Ideal for sports activities and gives a bulky look to any average looking man.
  • Highly designed t shirts can be a good choice for women with heavy makeup. Jeans and any colored boots can add up to the funky look.
  • For a beach look men can opt for half sleeved shirt under which they can use any style of cool t shirts to provide a grunge look to them. Women can wear long, over sized t shirts to avoid showing their bodies while coming out of the water.
  • Women can wear short and bright t shirts with skirt to provide a cute and beautiful look to their attire. This is one of the famous attires followed around the globe.

creatively cool designs for t shirts

So here, we saw some of the basic and famous styles and styling techniques related to cool t shirts available in the market, which definitely helps both sexes to look well and feel good of what they are wearing.