What can be worn with a white nail polish?Are there common white nail polish designs to enhance the look? Other than French manicures, is it ok to have a plain white nail? When asked, most women enjoy wearing such white polish. To answer your queries, dive into the details about this polish fashion.

cute white nail polish

Pros and Cons of White Nail Polish

There is this common misconception that white is one of those “no go” colors after certain holidays. Actually, you can paint your nails white any time of the year as long as you jazz it up with your own fashion sense. The pros of white color are that it’s clean, crisp, and makes your nails look healthy. The white color is actually easy to accessorize and color coordinate with your ensemble. It even works wellwith most skin tones.

On the other hand, it also comes with disadvantages such as:

  • Blemishes are easy to see.
  • Off-whitedoesn’t look “clean” against some skin types.
  • Bright white can look gaudy against a darker skin tone.

white nail polish with simple nail art

However, don’t let these cons stop you. The white look is still a beautiful and elegantexpression as long as you mind the fashion tips outlinedbelow.

Fashion Sense

Your look isn’t complete without some accessories, may they bebangles, bracelets, rings, dresses and your dangle earrings or knee-high boots. Just remember that white goes with just about anything so it’s a great advantage to using this color polish.

  • AccessoriesTurquoise necklaces, red bracelets or earrings, and even a bright pastel color ensemble complements white nails quite nicely.
  • Color CoordinationYou can’t go wrong with white. If you pair it up against a white dress and white gold jewelry you will turn heads. Just be mindful of tacky contrasts like wearing too much black with the white nails as it will come off looking cheap.
  • Skin ToneCertainly, mind your skin tone. If you have very tan or dark skin, you may want to add embellishments or designs into the white nail to break up the white canvas of your nails. Contrasts work well but sometimes, as in the case with make-up, one must mind their skin tone before applying white.

glistening white nail polish


Do you find a plain white nail to be boring? Fear not, you can still have the clean and sophisticated look of white without the humdrum nature you find in it. Here are some suggestions.

  • Off White Nail PolishSome people love it, others don’t. But off-white isn’t going anywhere. This isn’t the bright, snow white color you think of with white nails. But it works well with pale skin tones or very dark ones as well.
  • Plain White Nail PolishHave you considered drawing a heart, leaf, ribbon or abstract design into your white-painted nails? Have at it. In addition, it is found that people are expressing their interests and artistic talents by showcasing miniature art on their nails.
  • White Glitter Nail PolishSally Hansen brand polish offers a delightful white glitter. If you need some added flecksof metallic color, then a glitter style is the way to go for sure.

cool white nail polish nail art

Be bold and try different combinations of accessories with your white nails. Also, if you have your own design ideas to paint onto the nail to add excitement, then you absolutely should. Get out there and have your nails a bottle of white polish today.