The history of sneaker shoes goes back a long way into late 18th century. At that time, people used to wear rubber-soled shoes known as Plimsolls. These are not very comfortable and used to be very crude. With the passage of time, rubber quality of the shoes and sneakers improved tremendously and athletes started using them to gain advantage in sports. Today, these sneakers are not only worn by athletes but are also used for regularly purposes.

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What are Sneaker Boots made of?

History of sneaker shoes is incomplete without the sneaker boots. Sneaker boots are just like athlete’s shoes. The specialty about these shoes is its flexibility, which comes from flexible material it is made up of. Rubber is used in making the sole of the shoe, which increases the flexibility and softness of the shoe. The upper part is made of leather or caravans, which gives the shoe a reliable touch. In prior period, sneakers were used for sports purposes, but now they became a fashion material. People use sneakers as casual wear and youngsters prefer them as party wear as well. These are trendy shoe that represents a lively or colorful lifestyle.

However, it does not mean that they don’t suit sober people. There are sneaker boots for the sober one as well. Sneaker comes in different varieties and colors and you can choose any one of your kind.

Popular Designs of Sneakers

  • Sneakers Boots
  • Hi-cut Sneakers
  • Regular Sneakers
  • Calf Sneakers

According to the history of sneaker shoes, in 1830’s, the first shoe with rubber sole was invented in England. During that period, these were named as “sand shoes” because of their usage on beach. Their name changed to Plimsoll later. It used the same material for manufacturing, as used these days. In 1892, United States of America produced a modern version of Plimsoll named “shoes keds“. They become very popular during early 1900’s. They were found to be suitable for long walk or running and sports as they don’t give tough time to the feet instead people feel like walking on a foamy material or an air house.

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Where did the word Sneakers come from?

If you look at the history of sneaker shoes, the origin of word sneaker comes from the sneaking up ability of these shoes. Previously, this name wasn’t used as the original name for these shoes, instead it was considered as its nickname. But now it is used so frequently, that no one knows anything about its original name. A number of sneaker boots manufacturer appeared in 20th century and they gained such a huge popularity, that they are continuing their business in 21st century as well. It is just because their importance in fashion industry can’t be denied or reduced.