Pleated skirts never go out of fashion. There is something about pleats that just brings out neatness and sophistication. The trick with pleated skirts is that the shorter they are, the more gorgeous they look so you would be better off with some that are at least above the knee. You can wear pleated skirts so many ways and pair them with so many things. What to pair with skirts can be terribly hard to decide. Here are some suggestions.

What to Pair with Pleated Skirts

  • Leggings

With leggings on, you can go as daringly high as you want with your pleated skirt. The fact is that nobody will think you are naked, and it does serve your hips right as it emphasizes them. This is extremely beneficial especially for the very thin as it makes their hips look curvy. This is one of those things you run for when you have no idea what to pair with skirts.

what to pair with skirts with t-shirt

  • Panty hose

Pleated skirt, panty hose and sexy heels are an exotic look. This combination is particularly becoming, and you can go just anywhere with it including the office. It is advisable not to make the skirt too short but do not make it too long either. A few inches just above the knee or midway up the thigh will look perfect. If your pleated skirt is plain, you can go for patterned and printed pantyhose. If, however, its printed, or it has stripes, or checks, a plain pantyhose is advisable to pair with. Heels are in order too as wearing flat shoes will ruin this glam look. Heels are just what to pair with skirts if they are short and pleated.

pleated skirts for petite girls

  • Blazer

Blazers always look fantastic with pleated skirts, and they look extremely official. A lovely blazer will complement your pleated skirt, and you are always going to look good in this combination. The blazer may be long or short, and it is preferable in a plain color and especially if the skirt is not plain.

  • Shirts and Long-sleeved Tops

It is a logical rule not to wear a pleated skirt with a short-sleeved shirt because you end up looking malnourished and it is not a smart look. The rule of fashion that applies here says that if you expose too much of one body part then cover up the rest. Three quarter sleeves are also exceptionally convenient, as they are not too exposing on the arms. They are just what to pair with skirts, and this includes other types of skirts too.

These are a few suggestions on what to pair with skirts. Choose amongst the styles above and bring out the fashionable you.