Different Peace Corps Alternatives

There are several reasons why some people are still looking for Peace Corps alternatives even if the organization already provides a rewarding and fulfilling vocation or endeavor. Among the reasons include the stricter or more rigorous screening of volunteers, the longer period of enlisting one’s self to the service, inability to travel, or perhaps, the low or absence of compensation.

Joining the Peace Corps or any other civic organization develops a person’s sense of responsibility towards other people and countries, inculcates the value of helping, and global community development. But ultimately, it provides the opportunity to experience distinct cultures, lifestyle, tradition, or the least, to travel the world. On the other hand, the beneficiary country gains infrastructure, health, agricultural, and educational improvements with the end goal of local peace.

peace corps volunteers teaching

Here are some of the local and international alternatives to the Peace Corps.

United Nations Volunteers Program

Topping the list of Peace Corps alternatives is the numerous volunteer and internship programs of the United Nations. The United Nations has several sub-agencies, which deal with specific international concerns from peacekeeping, economic developments, education, children welfare, wildlife, and several other causes. All volunteers are centrally managed by the United Nations Development Program or the UNDP. A volunteer can either be assigned locally or internationally like in the developing countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Compared to the Peace Corps, selection of volunteers is also stringer, at times, even tougher. Joining the UN could be one of the best alternatives to Peace Corps especially for interns because they could eventually land on a full time job within the organization.

united nations volunteer gathering in helping others

Joining Several Humanitarian Aid Organizations

Aside from the Peace Corps and the UN, there are also hundreds of international organizations recruiting the services of civic-minded volunteers adhering to the same goals of providing basic aid to several communities, countries, and cultures.

The Habitat for Humanity for example is one of the Peace Corps alternatives, which focus in providing one of the basic needs of human, shelter or homes. This organization also has a worldwide scope especially on the developing countries. Another good example is the Red Cross, which on the other hand focuses on humanitarian health, risks and disaster preparedness, rescue and relief operations, etc.

men from several humanitarian aid organizations

There is a long list of organizations under this category and an individual can choose whichever he or she prefers. Another good thing about these Peace Corps alternatives is that a volunteer can have flexibility in devoting his or her time without the need to sacrifice work, and regular family activities. These organizations also operate locally and can even welcome the help of the entire family.

Overseas Teaching and Other Project Volunteers

If you’re into travelling but could not commit to more than two years of Peace Corps work, you can alternately volunteer for teaching abroad. International language teachers are a growing demand in almost all countries. Technical, scientific, and IT courses enjoy the same demand as well. Teaching abroad can also be done for compensation.

Other than teaching, you may also volunteer for specific aid or development projects providing Peace Corps alternatives free abroad. They can range from infrastructure, social, economic and educational development or improvement up to the rescue, relief, and peace-keeping efforts.

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Local and International Religious Missions

Finally, helping and sharing is not only limited to the physical and material necessities of humans, it also encompasses the religious aspects as well. There are several Peace Corps alternatives related to religion. Several local and international missions or projects related to a particular religion have been established and carried out in the developing countries. The Christian community for example employs not only the clergy to spread the word of God, but the students and ordinary citizens as well who are interested in volunteering. The same goes true with Muslims, Buddhist, etc.

Plastic Bag Holder: Eco-Friendly and Economical

They say a plastic bag holder is a grocery lover’s best friend. Visiting a grocery especially the farmers’ market has always been fun and food for the soul. Browsing through fresh produce and carrying home healthy foodstuff engulfs you with a warm feeling of contentment, just like shopping for clothes. This is however not the final thing, as it is also very overwhelming trying to balance the bags from the market.

A nice holder is in a position to carry up to 45 pounds of your grocery. It helps you transport bags with ease. You can use it to the market especially when collecting purchases from different vendors. The holder happens to be very handy for use when walking up the stairs or even when riding.

red plastic bag holder

How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic bag holders are very convenient. You can even use the holder in your garage, when in park or at the beach, just place it somewhere conspicuous for everyone to use. It is a perfect reminder for those around you to be responsible for their refuse.

There are many methods in making a strong environmental friendly plastic bag holder. All you require is letting your imagination and creative drive crazy. With the holders, you can make wall decorations that belong perfectly to the theme of your kitchen. Here are four simple ways of making a plastic bag holder:

best plastic bag holder pattern

  • With a towel

  • With a sock

  • With fabric

  • With a plastic bottle or any other recyclable material

Tutorial on How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

  • Get a piece of fabric and cut about 11 by 28 inches. These dimensions will give you a fairly long and narrow plastic bag holder.

  • On both ends (11’’ one), create a casing. On the ironing board, place the piece of cloth right side down and fold 1’’ edge and iron it. Then unfold the crease and make another crease, which is about a quarter inch from the edge.

best fabric fabric plastic bag holder

  • Then refold the first crease while the second one is still in place. This creates the casing, use the casing edge about 1/8 inch far from the fold.

  • Since the fabric is still flat with no side seam, this is the time to decorate with plastic bag holder pattern. Select anything of your choice from buttons, ribbons and put it anywhere you like.

  • The next step is creating a handle. You can either use a twill tape or a ribbon or even get a matching piece of cloth of the bag.

  • Trim any excess fabric from the edge to create a straight edge. You can use a serger if you have one.

  • Turn the bag inside out and you will be done. Enjoy using it.

easy tips on how to make a plastic bag holder

Fabric Plastic Bag Holder

This is a homemade and simple fabric plastic bag holder, which is a perfect eco friendly craftwork for beginner sewers. All you need to make a gorgeous and colorful bag holder is just the ability to make a straight line.

There are very many ways, styles of making this fabric plastic bag holder cute. They are all meant to suit your needs and taste. The most popular style is adding some handles to the holder. Enjoy your new plastic bag holder and proudly carry your eco-friendly plastic bag holder on your shoulder to the local grocery store.

How to Prepare Your Child for a Vaccination

Children dread clinic visits. They are afraid of the dentist. They are afraid of any doctor. But, they might even be more frightened about being injected by a needle. Even if you can memorize the top 10 vaccines your child should get, it is even more important for you to make your child actually receive these shots. But how to prepare your child for a vaccination, you may ask? This quick guide will show you.

Tips On How To Prepare Your Child For A Vaccination

  • Start correctly.

When learning how to prepare your child for a vaccination, it is important for you to know how you should approach your child regarding this situation. Some parents will tell their kids that the vaccination won’t hurt. This is a lie. It will hurt and the child may feel discomfort during and after administration of the vaccine. Rather than deceiving your child just to make him feel better, you have to explain the importance of vaccines for children. When they are old enough, you can explain to their level what the vaccine is all about.

ways on how to prepare your child for a vaccination

  • Encourage them to be strong.

Talking to your child will help him overcome the pain and discomfort. Let them know that these vaccines can make them healthier in the end. If you have really small kids, they might not be able to distinguish between stimuli that they should fear and one that is harmless, so you would have to explain things clearly to them, like what they should expect, and the benefits they will get thereafter.

  • Follow a good schedule.

The top 10 vaccines your child should get are given at definite times and intervals. Another important thing you should know about how to prepare your child for a vaccination is that you have to follow the schedule set for the vaccinations, and let your child know about the same. It might be traumatic for a child to get several vaccinations on the same day. So, you have to make sure that these shots are given at the most comfortable dates. Do not miss any appointments as your child might need extra shots for the missed doses.

  • Allay their fears.

When you know that your child is afraid, you have to be there by his or her side. You can be the only person that your child will trust. The doctors and the nurses will all look like enemies based on your child’s perception. Again, you have to adequately explain who they are, what they are going to do, and why these things need to be done. Even little kids can understand the importance of a healthy body when you know how to put it in the right context.

  • Be prepared.

Before your clinic visit, you have to be ready. Some kids would want to bring their toys with them. These toys can serve as their sources of security. Bringing food can also help distract them from the pain that is about to come.

effective and reliable vaccines for babies and children

Of the top 10 vaccines your child should get, most, if not all of them have to be given via intramuscular injection. There are those that can be given as an oral solution as well as a nasal spray, but these are only for selected types of vaccines.

  • Offer rewards.

If your child exhibited good behavior before and during the administration of the vaccine, you might need to reward this behavior. You can see that on your next visits, your child will make you worry less about them being afraid of getting the shots.

So, aside from knowing the top 10 vaccines your child should get, you also have to be knowledgeable of the tactics on how to prepare your child for a vaccination, which you will use to make sure that your child successfully receives them.

Free Vaccines for Children Programs

The vaccines for children program has been running for nearly 20 years, and has dramatically improved the state of health care for many thousands of children each year, who would otherwise not have been able to afford to get vaccinated. The program supplies necessary vaccinations for a number of different illnesses and diseases, which have been fatal in the past to a large numbers of children.

Illnesses Covered By Vaccines

Some of the diseases that are vaccinated against in the free vaccines for children program include:

  • Polio

  • Measles

  • Diphtheria

best vaccines for children

  • Pertusses

  • Rubella

  • Tetanus

Many of these illnesses used to be major killers and were a serious risk to the lives of many children; however, thanks to the vaccines for children program, these illnesses are now less seen by parents or doctors among children.

Vaccination Programs for Children

There are a variety of schemes in place, such as the Texas vaccines for children scheme, and these programs have been proven to be highly successful and beneficial to all children.

great texas vaccines for children

Some people may be unsure about the reasons why it is necessary to get their children vaccinated, but the truth of the matter is very simple, the vaccines:

  • Build up the child’s immune system making them less likely to catch illnesses

  • Prevent the illnesses from spreading around the population

  • Protect those that are unable to get vaccinated from coming into contact with the illnesses

Young children are most at risk from contracting these serious illnesses, and due to their weaker immune systems, can become severely ill or even die as a result of contracting them. This is why the vaccines for children program is absolutely vital to the health of our children on both an individual and collective scale.

best vaccines for children program

The scheme has made large changes to the way in which these illnesses have been allowed to spread and cause suffering. Since the introduction of large scale vaccination programs, numerous cases of illnesses have all but disappeared, which proves the success rate of the programs. Offering the vaccines for free to people who are unable to afford them ensures that the health of children in the US is not determined by the amount of money their parents earn.

How Do The Vaccines Work?

Vaccines for children work by injecting a very small and weak form of the virus into the bloodstream. The cells in the blood detect an intruder and create antibodies to fight the infection.

best effective free vaccines for children

Once this has been done, the body will be able to reproduce large quantities of the antibody to fight off a real infection later on in life. Certain people are unable to have the vaccines, but if all of the other children in the area have received theirs, the chance of a wide spread case of the illness is reduced severely.

Some minor side effects can be seen with the vaccines, but these are to be expected and usually clear up within a short amount of time. Many of the vaccines for children last for an entire lifetime, so what better time to get protected than when the vaccinations are available for free?

Drainage System

A drainage system is necessary in order to collect all the waste water in one place such as the sewer system. It is similar to the geographical drainage system in that the water is collected in one place. It is important to maintain the drainage basin at home well in order to avoid problems such as leaking, clogging, and other situations you wouldn’t want. Damage in the drainage system can make it necessary to fix the whole system. If you leave the damaged system to itself, it’ll cause further problem and that can be a huge, expensive mess. Here is some information about the making a proper drainage system from a basement drainage system to typical open-sewer drainage systems so that you can take necessary measure to maintain it.

drainage basin

Proper Construction

  • A drainage system is necessary to collect toilet wastewater, excess rainwater and the kitchen wastewater. If you don’t maintain it well or if there are construction problems with the pipes and water channels, their repair becomes a must. Badly constructed pipes start leaking soon and cause you many problems.

  • Badly constructed pipes can also lead uneven water flow. If the sloping is not right, water will stagnate. Stagnation will lead to sedimentation and that will clog the pipes. This is why it is important to get the drainage system constructed properly.

  • The trench must be protected with concrete barriers or soil during the process of building itself. This barrier will avoid many damages to the drainage system for yard thereby reducing repairing costs in the future.


  • If any issue such as blockage occurs, you must call an expert immediately. You shouldn’t try doing anything yourself because you could worsen the problem. It is always advisable to call upon an expert to do it for you.

Drainage System

  • Fixing a blocked sink or a toilet is not easy. You need to know what the exact problem is. Examine the system first before you start dismantling and digging up the whole thing.

  • Only an expert will be able to tell you the problem and fix it with ease. Hence, you must rely upon the experienced plumber to do the job for you.

  • You can easily find a reputed plumber in your area. You can make use of referrals from friends and family too.

Remember that a drainage system works to collect the sewage and the wastewater. It is related to sanitation and that is also why you have to be extra careful. The working of a drainage system is similar to the natural drainage basin and must be maintained in order to work well and save your repair costs.

Drainage Problems

There are a number of drainage problems that could bother you from time to time. Water pooling and collecting on your roof are just a couple of the many. If you don’t fix drainage problems immediately, they could cause a lot of damage to your property by directly affecting its foundation. This is the reason why you should be very careful and repair the damage immediately. Here is some important information about water drainage problems.

Signs Of Drainage Problems

  • If you see rainwater accumulating on your rooftop, you can be sure that the gutter is clogged. The moisture will then begin to seep into your residence. Since the water trickles into the walls and cracks, the foundation of your house will see a major backdrop. Along with that, molds will start growing because fungi grow well in moisture. The growth of such molds will result in allergies, asthma attacks and the onset on pneumonia.

common Drainage Problems

  • If you see water accumulating in your yard, it may be because of the drainage basin problem. Soil erosion is another factor that is responsible for water in your yard. A badly constructed yard where the slope is uneven might also invite water pooling.

It is important to know the reason behind drainage problems before attempting to fix them. Hence, fixing them it dependent on the problem thus giving important to a good assessment before you tackle the problem.

Fixing Drainage Problems

  • Since rooftop water accumulation is due to clogged gutters, you should take care to keep the gutters clean and devoid of any debris. If you face these drainage problems, make sure you clean the gutter or call a professional to do the job for you. Another option would be to add more downspouts because clogged downspouts are also a reason behind this problem. The installation of more downspouts will make sure the water is removed from the roof and transported to the appropriate location.

  • The installation of a French drain will reduce and fix the problem of water standing. A French drain is nothing but a trench consisting of gravel or a pipe for drainage. The excess water is easily transported away from your residence through these drains.

drainage basins

  • If soil erosion is the reason behind the drainage problems, you could solve them by using chemicals that avoid the expansion. There are many more such control measures such as erecting barriers, planting vegetation and others.

  • If you notice cracks in your foundation, notify the expert immediately to find out the reason behind the cracks. If the cracks are because of drainage problems, call the repair company and get them fixed before they get worse and damage your property further.

Taking care of the drainage problems before they get worse will give you peace of mind and also save a lot of repair costs.