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80 Fun Family Night Activities

80 Fun Family Night Activities

fun family night activitiesSpending time with your family is really important. You understand how quickly childhood flies by, and you want to make a real effort to spend as much of it with your kids as possible.

That can be hard when even the littlest of kids already have so much going on.

Between dance classes, swim classes, soccer tournaments, creative workshops, and play dates, things can get pretty hectic.

And that’s just their schedule.

Never mind the thousands of things you have to get done for yourself and your family in any given week.

It can leave you exhausted by the time you finally reach a free night, and the easy thing is just to sink into the couch and watch a movie.

Of course, family movie nights are important too, but when it comes to making memories, you want to get up off the couch and get your family active and involved.

You want everyone, including yourself, to put their phones and electronics down and actually enjoy the company of the people who are actually in the room.

80 Family Night Activities

The best way to take advantage of family night is to be prepared. If you have a list of activities and ideas on hand all the time, then you avoid taking the easiest option like popping in a DVD.

But coming up with a list is a tackle and a chore in and of itself. You need a place that you can turn to with dozens of ideas already laid out for you.

Fortunately, for you, this is the perfect list of family night activities. Here are 80 fun family night activities to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

1. Bake Cookies

Baking is a great family night activity. You can teach your kids a valuable skill, and everybody gets a delicious treat at the end.

2. Have a Themed Dinner Night

This is a perfect opportunity to broaden the horizons of any picky eaters in your household. You can try new things, explore other cultures, and maybe even get a full serving of veggies while you’re at it.

3. Read a Book Aloud

This sounds a little old-fashioned, but reading out loud is actually fun. You can do all the voices, and your kids will get a little reminder that reading is good for them.

4. Solve a 1000 Piece Puzzle

Putting a puzzle together is a great team building exercise. Your whole family has to work together, and it can teach your kids organizational and problem-solving skills without them even realizing they’re learning.

5. Color in a Coloring Book

Coloring is for all ages. Your kids get to use their imaginations, work on some fine motor skills, and take pride in something that they made. Meanwhile, you get to zone out and catch a little mediation as you color-in pretty flowers.

6. Camp out in the Backyard

family night activity

Spending family night together doesn’t have to be mundane or boring. You can shake things up and create incredible memories for your kids just by popping a tent in the backyard. Strike a fire, roast a few marshmallows, and try to name at least one constellation besides Orion.

7. Go Fly a Kite

Start your family night in the early evening when it’s still light out, and you can take advantage of this age-old pastime. When was the last time you flew a kite?

8. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Set some ground rules first. Water balloon fights can turn into real fights between the kiddos if you aren’t careful, but they can also be a lot of fun. Everyone burns some excess energy, and the rest of the evening is much calmer.

9. Make Your Own Slime

Slime recipes are everywhere and so are slime kits. It’s super easy to do, and your kids can get creative with what they add into it.

10. Have a Silly String Fight

Silly string can leave marks on your walls and furniture, so it’s an activity that’s best outside, but your kids will love it.

11. Play Capture the Flag

If you have some tweens and teens in your midst, capture the flag is the perfect way to grab their attention. They’ll love the strategy involved, and they’ll also love proving they can outrun mom and dad at last.

12. Throw a Hula Hoop Contest

Family night is a chance to let your hair down and be a little silly, and nothing accomplishes that faster than watching your family awkwardly jiggle their hips inside a hula-hoop. You can make it competitive if you want, but everyone might be laughing too hard to compete.

13. Tie Dye T-Shirts

Anything that involves making something is always a big hit at family night. You can buy a cheap pack of white t-shirts and let everybody dye as many as they want to. Your kids will get to be creative, and they’ll also learn some valuable color mixing lessons, specifically, how you accidently get brown.

14. Make Your Own Pizza

You can buy frozen dough or easily make your own and then provide an array of toppings. Everyone gets their own personalized pizza, and your kids learn once again how fun it is to make their own fresh food.

15. Plant a Garden

This activity is a well you can dip into many times. You can spend one night building the garden, another night buying seeds, and a third evening getting everything planted. Then you can spend evenings together weeding, watering, and watching things grow.

Family Night Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

family night activity

16. Look at Old Family Photos

Whether it’s your own old photos, or albums you’ve inherited from older relatives, it’s important to sit down with your family and show them their history. Your kids will be shocked at some of the things they see, and you’ll get a walk down memory lane.

17. Sing Karaoke

Whether you us a machine or a phone app, singing karaoke is fun for everyone. It’s a great reminder for the whole family that it’s good to be a little silly sometimes.

18. Make Sidewalk Chalk Art

It only takes one bucket of chalk and a little imagination to fill entire evening and beyond.

19. Create a Family Time Capsule

This is a great family night activity to spark a little discussion about both the past and the future as well as what is important to your kids right now.

20. Find Toys to Donate

It’s never too early or too late to get your kids thinking about charitable acts. Plus, while you’re teaching them great life lessons, you also get to cut down on clutter.

21. Volunteer at a Food Bank

Here’s an opportunity to take those charitable acts one step further. It’s great for your kids, but also, when was the last time you volunteered?

22. Wash the Car

This is a chore disguised as fun, so it pulls some nice double duty. As long as you let the kids spray you with a hose, they won’t mind that you’ve got them washing and waxing the family minivan.

23. Go to the Library

Make finding books an adventure for the whole family.

24. Make Thank You Cards

That way they have a steady supply to send to grandparents for all those Christmas and birthday gifts.

25. Fix a Leaky Faucet

There’s always a faucet dripping in your house, and knowing how to fix it is a good skill for everyone to have.

Budget Friendly Family Night Activities

family night activities

26. Play Hide and Seek Indoors

Pass the time, burn some energy, and do it all without phones or batteries.

27.  Go Ice Skating

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is strictly a winter activity. Take the family to the rink on a super hot evening and cool off while having lots of fun.

28. Take a Walk

See the neighborhood. Meet some of your neighbors. Get your family out and about in the world.

29. Make Homemade, Hand-Cranked Ice Cream

You can find a hand crank machine online easily. This one here is perfect. You get a delicious treat, and everyone gets to participate in making it.

30. Have Breakfast for Dinner

Fast, easy, delicious, and there just might be bacon involved.

31. Host a Talent Show

Your kids have lots of hidden talent, and so do you. Bring them out.

32. Make Your Own Pom Pom’s

You just need some yarn and a cardboard template and you too can put a pom pom on anything.

33. Pull Taffy

It’s a bit of hot sticky mess, but when you get it down just right, the results are amazing and the taffy fails make for some great photos.

34. Knit a Scarf

Knitting scarves is easy and useful. Fall is always right around the corner, right?

35. Play Charades

You can create your own clues to make them as hard or as easy as you want, and you’re sure to get a lot of laughs out of watching your kids try to act them out.

36. Memorize a Poem

Google is awesome and everything, but sometimes it’s nice to just know something for the sake of knowing it. Your kids just might thank you later in life when being able to recite poetry becomes a little more valuable.

37. Write a poem

If you’re going to go to the trouble of memorizing a poem, you might was well let your kids explore writing one for themselves.

38. Make Your Own Stickers

You can get a handy gadget like this one here for less than $10. It makes custom stickers out of anything your kiddos can dream up.

39. Draw Self-Portraits

You don’t have to be Vincent Van Gogh, but drawing self-portraits is both fun and interesting. How do you see yourself?

40. Clean Out the Basement

Your kids might be shocked to see family night include what looks suspiciously like a chore. Well, it’s part work, part memory lane, and all organization.

41. Arm Wrestle

Pitting family member against family member in this classic feat of strength just never gets old.

42. Play Trivial Pursuit

Traditionally a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit either never ends, or simply ends in tears, but there are plenty of family friendly versions where everyone at least knows some of the answers.

43.  Play Pick up Stix

It’s an old-fashioned game that somehow never gets old.

44. Paint Watercolor Paintings

Watercolors create beautiful pictures no matter what your artistic skill level is, and the paint is washable. Win win.

45. Learn to Play Poker

If you know how to play poker, then teach your kids. If you don’t know how to play, then now is the perfect time to learn together.

46. Play a Game of Kick Ball

Remember all those hours you used to spend playing kickball with the neighborhood kids? Give your kids the same great memories.

47. Make Your Own Snow Globes

You just need some jam jars, a few winter figurines, and a glue gun, and your kids can create beautiful winter wonderlands.

Meaningful Family Night Fun

family night activities

48. Sew a Family Quilt

Create memoirs and an heirloom at the same time.

49. Fix Something that is Broken in Your House

It could be a door that sticks or a toaster that won’t toast. Whatever it is, use the help of Google and a little ingenuity to see if together your family can solve the problem.

50. Play a Murder Mystery

Nothing beats a good who-done-it. Especially when there’s costumes involved and of course there will be.

51. Plan a Garage Sale

Everybody pitches in, everybody contributes some unwanted items, and everyday gets a little extra spending cash.

52. Make a Family Tree

Trace your family’s roots quite literally, and make a keepsake tree that everyone can cherish.

53. Have a Scrapbook Night

Finally, print off some of those pictures you’ve kept stashed on your phone, and let your kids help you display them in a super cool way.

54. Play a Round of Mini Golf

It’s probably been years since you play miniature golf, and you might have forgotten how much fun it can be.

55. Test Out a Science Project

You can create your own baking soda volcano, or help your kids tackle something more challenging.

56. Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Turns out, you can actually hunt for Easter eggs anytime of year, and it never really gets old.

57.  Skype with the Grandparents

Reaching out to your parents or in-laws is always great for your kids. The stronger your relationship is, the stronger your relationships with your kids is going to be as well. The grandparents might have trouble finding the right buttons to push, but eventually, everyone will love the video chats.

58. Listen to “Old” Music

Yes, the music you love is pretty old as far as your kids are concerned, but that’s no reason to not try to share it with them.

59. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

It takes some prep work on your part, but family game night is all about putting in the most to get the most out. Your kids will go wild scrounging around and racing against each other.

60. Throw an Indoor Picnic

Outdoor picnics are great, but there’s something special and cool about sitting on a blanket on the floor and eating dinner.

61. Play Jenga

Your kids get to see first hand where a little luck and a lot of strategy will land them. What could be better?

62. Toss a Ball Without Dropping It

Ah, the never-ending game of catch. It’s so simple, but your kids will get really into counting how many times you can pass a ball without dropping it.

63. The Floor is Lava

That’s right, all the floors in your home are suddenly lava. How will everyone move around? They’ll have to get pretty creative.

64. Name all 50 States

Supposedly everyone always forgets at least 1 state. Challenge your family to write down all 50 states, and then spend the rest of the night trying to figure out which ones are missing.

65. Collect Loose Change

You know your home is crawling with loose change, and now is the time to find it.

66. Make Mad Libs

Elementary kids seem to think Mad Libs are the coolest thing ever, so be prepared to double-down on your absurd Mad Lib game.

67. Have a Tea Party

Get the cups and saucers, the tea set, and the tiny little desserts. Teach your family a little about proper etiquette and how to have engaging conversations.

68. Give Your Family Pet a Bath

Bathing your pet is usually a full-contact sport, so the more little hands you have helping, the better.

69. Learn Origami

Haven’t you always wanted to make a paper crane? Now you can, and so can your kids.

70. Start a lemonade stand

Naturally, this will be the official start of their college fund.

71. Do Yard Work

After all, those leaves aren’t just going to rake themselves, are they?

72. Have a Push-Up Contest

See once and for all who is the reigning champ of push-ups.

73. Staring Contest

How can something so simple be so fun and funny? Who knows, but it sure is.

74. Do the Laundry Together

Because the family that folds together is the family that all has matching socks when they need them, and that is a beautiful thing.

75. Play Chess

Before you know it, your kids will be taking down chess champs for breakfast.

76. Have a Sing Along

Dust off all those songs you used to sing to your kids when they were babies,

77. Build a Fort Inside

Your teens and tweens may scoff at this one until they’re hunkered down inside the fort and changing their tune.

78. Make Dinner Together

Get your kids chopping, stirring, and whipping up a meal. They’ll learn that cooking can be fun, and you foresee a future with a lot more downtime.

79. Write Letters

Teach your family to write real letters with full sentences, and stamps, and all. Teach them that the ability to communicate in a genuine fashion is important.

80. Movie Night

When all else is said and done, you can faintly return to the comfort of your faithful movie night.

Hours of Entertainment

These 80 family night activities are sure to keep your kids both busy and entertained. They’ll have tons of fun, and hey might even learn a little bit along the way.

Common Types of Pollution That We Should All Be Aware Of

Common Types of Pollution That We Should All Be Aware Of

There are many types of pollution in this world, most of which are accelerating, as seen through the state of our natural world and the health of individuals in specific countries.

These types of pollution come from many different sources and result in different types of consequences for both the public and the environment.

Knowing the basic information behind these types of pollution can help the public lessen their contribution to the wide variety of dangers that come from pollution creation and use.

There are nine sources of pollution recognized in the world today.

Contributing to pollution that affects the environment has a long list of consequences for our future.

For instance, emissions for vehicles and industries as well as power generators include greenhouse gases that contribute significantly to global warming.

City lives also contribute to environmental pollution in a myriad of ways.

By understanding the source and effect of every type of pollution, as a society, we’ll be able to make a conscious effort in minimizing our contribution and to help create the changes that are needed for a sustainable and thriving environment, one in which we all rely on.

9 Types of Pollution 

9 Types of Pollution

These days, due to our lifestyles and the way our society operates, pollution is everywhere. While some types of pollution are more obvious, there are a few common types of pollution that may come as a surprise.

While a large portion of our society believes we depend on producing certain types of pollution to continue operating as a society, there’s are many alternatives and solutions that don’t involve environmental or health damage.

All we need to do is get a bit creative.

However, before we do that, we need to get our facts straight. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to reversing the damaging effects we’ve imposed on our world, we’ll need a lot of it.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air pollution is any type of contamination in our atmosphere that disrupts its natural chemistry.

This can sometimes be in the form of matter such as dust or specific gases such as carbon dioxide, methane or other types of vapors that can’t be removed effectively through the natural cycles of our planet. These cycles include the nitrogen cycle or the carbon cycle.

Air pollution is derived from a wide variety of sources. Some of the most common and excessive sources are:

  • Forest fires, dry soil erosion, volcanic eruptions and other natural sources
  • Automobile or manufacturing pollution
  • Demolition and building construction

Depending on the specific concentration of these air pollutants, many effects can serve as an outcome. Some of these outcomes include:

  • High levels of rain acidity
  • Increase in smog
  • Higher rates of asthma
  • Crop depletion from not enough oxygen

Global warming is also related to increased air pollution and stands as one of the most threatening environmental issues humans face today.

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Water pollution comes in the form of contaminated water. This can include chemical, bacterial or particulate contamination that degrades the water’s level of purity and quality.

Water pollution can happen anywhere: rivers, oceans, lakes, streams and underground reservoirs. As various water sources come together through the water cycle, this pollution can increase and spread.

Some common causes of water pollution are:

  • Improper chemical and other waste disposal and littering
  • Surplus of sediment caused by soil erosion
  • Soil pollution leaching into our water supplies
  • Decay of organic material in water supplies

There are many effects of water pollution. Some of these effects include:

  • Decrease in availability of drinkable water
  • Lowered crop irrigation water supplies
  • Harm to fish and wildlife population that require water for survival

Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is also known as land pollution, which is soil contamination. This contamination prevents life or natural growth from occurring and disrupts the balance in the land which affects the amount of cultivation, wildlife and habitation.

While some types of pollution such as landfills, is a deliberate type, there are many other types that aren’t deliberate, or at least known to be deliberate. While both forms of land pollution come with a range of effects, the more accidental land pollution occurrences pose more widespread effects.

Sources of soil pollution are:

  • Non-sustainable farming practices such as the use of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Sewage spills and hazardous waste
  • Deforestation, strip mining and other harmful practices
  • Littering and household dumping (which also includes using at home chemical-based cleaners)

Soil and land contamination results in reduced crop yield, poor vegetation growth, loss of wildlife, soil erosion, water pollution and desertification.

In a world where our population continues to rise, this is the opposite of what we need to thrive as a species.

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Now, this one may be new to some readers. Noise pollution is the amount of undesirable noise level that’s produced by human activity, disrupting the affected area and overall standard of living.

Noise pollution is derived from:

  • Airports
  • Traffic
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Railroads
  • Concerts
  • Construction or demolition

While some forms of noise pollution can be temporary other sources include much more permanent effects. These effects may result in wildlife disturbances, hearing loss and a lifestyle degradation.

Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive Pollution

This type of pollution is fairly rare, however, it’s also extremely harmful, and sometimes deadly, when it happens.

Due to the difficulty of reversing this pollution’s damage, along with its intensity, strict government regulations have been emplaced to control this potentially deadly form of pollution.

Radioactive contamination sources include:

  • Unsafe nuclear waste disposal
  • Accidents or leakage in nuclear power plants
  • Mining uranium

Some outcomes of radiation pollution include cancer, serious birth defects and other human health issues and issues with wildlife populations.

It can also contribute to air and water pollution and negatively affect the soil.

Thermal Pollution

Thermal Pollution

This type of pollution involved an excess in heat which produces harmful effects over a long amount of time.

The Earth is equipped with a natural thermal cycle; however, heightened temperature increases may be considered a rare form of pollution that comes with long lasting effects.

Thermal pollution is typically confined to the areas near their specific source, however, a combination of sources can impact a greater area geographically.

Thermal pollution can be a result of:

  • Urban sprawl
  • Power plants
  • Deforestation
  • Air pollution matter that traps heat
  • Temperature drop in moderating water supplies

Light Pollution

Light Pollution

While this type of pollution isn’t as harmful as the others, brightly lit areas can be seen as obtrusive.

Light pollution is the over illumination of an area that is considered obtrusive. Sources include:

  • Large cities
  • Billboards and advertising
  • Nighttime sporting events and other nighttime entertainment

With light pollution, it’s impossible to view the stars at night. While this may seem like an insignificant issue compared to the rest, the sense of personal enjoyment loss from this can be significant to certain people, also it can interfere with astronomical observation.

Light pollution near residential areas can also lessen the overall quality of life for some civilians.

Visual Pollution

Visual Pollution

Visual pollution can be eyesores and is caused by unattractive views or other types of pollution. It can impact personal enjoyment, lower the quality of life for some people and can negatively impact the value of properties.

Some sources of visual pollution are:

  • Construction areas
  • Power lines
  • Advertising and billboards
  • Abandoned buildings, polluted vacant fields or other neglected areas

Although visual pollution includes few immediate environment or health effects, the objects or issue that’s causing the eyesore can lead to other detrimental effects.

Personal Pollution

Personal Pollution

This type of pollution is caused by the contamination of a human body and lifestyle with negative and harmful action.

These actions may include:

  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • Smoking, taking drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Negative personal attitudes
  • Poor habits and living conditions

Personal pollution may be produced by caregivers in some instances, while for others, it may be caused by personal inflictions.

Why is this type of pollution something you should worry about?

The way you treat yourself can affect the world around you in a number of ways, not to mention can affect your overall happiness. By taking positive steps in your life, you’ll be able to eliminate this type of pollution, along with other sources of pollution that come with it.

These steps will naturally result in a more productive and satisfying life for yourself and others around you.

How all These Pollution Types are Connected

Everything is interconnected, including the pollution that we’re surrounded by.

For instance, light pollution needs energy in order to thrive, which means the energy source that’s producing the energy requires more fossil fuels to be burned.

These fossil fuels produce air pollution which then is brought back to Earth in the form of acid rain, creating water pollution.

This water pollution can then lead to soil and land pollution.

...You get the gist of it.

Once you fully understand the different types of pollution, their sources and the myriad of effects they produce, you’ll be able to change your lifestyle in order to fight against these polluted surroundings to create a better life for yourself, and a better planet to live on for every living thing.

How to Become a Volunteer Abroad

How to become a volunteer abroad? Many interested individuals ask. Do not be misguided by the belief that because you are volunteering yourself freely to do some services for the organization, you will be accepted right away without going some qualification process. The truth is it is exactly the opposite way. The organization needs more than that, they need individuals who are in sync with what they believe in and can properly do the job that they are asked to do responsibly.

There are several organizations that offer free volunteering to work abroad.  The Peace Corps organization accepts volunteers for environment, agricultures and education. If you are not qualified with the Peace Corps, you can actually find some Peace Corps alternatives to volunteer with.  Volunteer Africa is one of them that aim to augment the livelihood of the rural Africans, while GreenFORCE and Earth Watch organizations are primarily concerned with the conservation of Mother Earth.

tips on becoming a volunteer abroad

Guidelines on Preparing to Volunteer Abroad

So what exactly does an organization needs from the volunteers? Here are some of the skills as well as characteristics that they are looking for that you need to know, and that can answer your question on how to become a volunteer abroad.

1. Enthusiasm – A positive outlook is very important because you will be dealing with people you do not know and if you are volunteering abroad, you will be facing people with different cultures and beliefs.

2. Reliable – Ready and willing to devote ample time regularly and can be relied upon with the task given knowing that the success of the task is his/her responsibility.

3. Non-judgmental – Being in a position to look at an objective analysis of the people’s issues and tribulations, despite knowing that this happens because of their own doing.

4. Good Communicator – Capable of communicating to both fellow workforce and people you happen to be trying to assist. A good communicator is not afraid to voice out ideas for the improvement and success of the projects.

group of volunteer abroad

5. Compassionate and Committed – Developing compassion of the quandary of the specific individual or perhaps circumstances and thus being able to express it with the passion for the cause that the organization believes in. This is one of the most important aspects on how to become a volunteer abroad, qualifier.

6. Self-confidence and assurance – You must be able to work without supervision and can be flexible to work in a group if it is necessary. Willingness to accept criticism without taking it personally in order to improve skills and ability to help others who are really in need.

7. Common sense – Common sense as many claims it, is not common after all. This is one of the most important traits that a person must possess. One must know what is right from wrong and be able to act rightly for the betterment of others.

8. Awarenessknowing what the people needs and finding ways to satisfy their needs in the right way in line with what the organization believes in.

These are just some of the answers to your question on how to become a volunteer abroad. To know deeper answers, one should know first what organization and type of works that you want to volunteer in.

Tips in Volunteering Abroad

Majority of the opportunities that are offered in volunteering abroad are at no cost. Becoming a volunteer abroad is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  One will experience and come to appreciate as well as understand the culture, languages and ways of life of other countries. Those who want to volunteer abroad but does not have enough money or do not want to pay for it, it is recommended that you look for organizations that offer free volunteering options.

There are actually top ten destinations for the volunteers. These are: Australia, Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Thailand, United States of America, South Africa, India, and Peru.

sweet hugs and smile from children and a volunteer

Top Organizations for Volunteering Abroad

Below are some of the organizations that offer works in volunteering abroad.

1. Peace Corps – Most of the volunteers are sent to remote regions to supervise and develop projects. Peace Corps is an independent U.S. agency that promotes mutual understanding between the Americans and other countries. For most of the Americans, volunteering with the Peace Corps is the essence of volunteering abroad. For those who do not qualify or do not want to volunteer in Peace Corps, there are several Peace Corps alternatives that you can volunteer with. You can easily find them online and some are also listed below.

2. Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) – This is a long term chance to potential volunteers. VSO is a global charity development that does the job by means of volunteers. VSO is one of the most revered and leading volunteer organizations.

3. United Nation Volunteers – presents long term opportunities to worldwide professionals. It is generally composed of medical professionals, police and other experts who offer themselves to volunteer with them.  It was created to function as an associate development organization backed up by the globally respected organization, the United Nation.

4. American Red Cross – The biggest charitable group of America is dependent upon volunteers in providing aid to victims of catastrophe and to assist individuals’ reply to emergencies. It is an excellent alternative if you really are keen on volunteering within the country. Most of the programs are in rural parts of the US and supply the much considered necessary health support to individuals in destitution.

short term volunteer on a medical mission

These are just some of the organizations that you can choose to offer yourself to volunteer and work abroad. Remember volunteering abroad is one of the most satisfying things that you can do in your life because aside from the great experience that you get to have, it can greatly change your life’s perspective, too. You will become a more caring and understanding person that have a passion to help others.

WorldWide Volunteer Opportunities

The term volunteer means doing something selflessly without expecting appreciation or payment. There are many volunteer opportunities available today. This largely depends on what you feel you are fit and qualified to do.

raising hand from the willing volunteers

Volunteer Organizations and Causes

Medical volunteer opportunities are types of volunteering that are really something worth pursuing. Here you get to work with sick people and counsel them. There is nothing more satisfying than making a patient’s day. If this is not your field you can take advantage of volunteer opportunities for kids. This entails visiting orphanages, mingling with little ones and making them feel loved and appreciated. This is all that kids require and always longed for. Local volunteer opportunities can also work well. This involves visiting aged people and people with disabilities. Peace corps alternatives is a different type of volunteering service though it takes nine months for your application to be processed, you can be assured of earning a god salary. Below are some other popular organizations that give volunteer opportunities worldwide that you can easily be part of its members:

  • Project Hope is an international volunteering community whose main aim is to ensure that they provide proper and quality health care, medical supplies and anti-biotic whenever they are needed worldwide. Among services offered are, improve health facility, providing medical help when needed and also training health professionals. Volunteers are encouraged to raise funds to support them in order to always be readily available whenever need for their action arises.
  • Habitat for humanity offers volunteer opportunities that ensure provision of affordable type of housing to people around the globe. They greatly encourage their volunteers to revise housing policies such that it becomes easily affordable to people in dire need. They give youth programs, response service in case there is disaster, building program for women and also international volunteer program.
  • Lions clubs international was started in 1971 and it is the largest of its kind, their main objective is to fight against any form of blindness and other types of vision problems that are found worldwide. They also help in saving the planet, usually support different health initiatives and also help when there is need for disaster relief. They have an extensive number of volunteer opportunities for you to choose from.
  • Humane Society of the United States which aims at protecting animals from all sorts of animal cruelty, exploitation and also neglect. They also support wildlife preservation, habitat and farm animals’ protection. In case of any emergency, they provide shelter, educate and also train people on different ways in which they can preserve animals.

willingness to become a volunteer

When choosing any volunteer opportunities, it is always good to be ready for all sorts of challenges that you are likely to encounter. It is a very self fulfilling endeavor for any people who were able to make a huge impact to a person in need worldwide without expecting something in return.

Join the Cause: Volunteers of America

When many people venture into an activity in which they have to invest their money and time, they often expect to later gain profits that benefit them directly. That is not the case for a certain American organisation, Volunteers of America. This is a non-profit organisation ran by the United States government and is aimed at assisting less privileged members of society by helping them rise to their full potential. This organisation serves more than two million people in America. It has set its offices in several states in US, some of which are listed below;

  • Utah
  • Denver
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Minnesota
  • Washington
  • Michigan

helping hand from volunteers of america

This organisation seeks to help homeless children and orphans by providing them with homes to stay in, food, clothes and proper education. For its successful operation and continuity, the organisation is funded by United States government, donations from other organisations and well wishers as well as Volunteers of America internal businesses. Its staff volunteers on their own accord and, therefore, no money is required for staff payments.

Literacy Campaign

There is a unit under this organisation known as the literacy volunteers of America. These are people who are interested and very much concerned with illiteracy levels among adults in America. In a bid to eradicate illiteracy among American adults, these people volunteer to teach adults basic education, which is simple reading and writing, to at least enable them to know what is going on around them by reading newspapers, billboards and notices.

Head Start Campaign

Volunteers of America head start is an office, still under Volunteers of America that serves children and families. It focuses on giving children a good head start by availing early childhood learning to all children empowering them from that time when they are of a tender age, thus developing them into responsible, enlightened adults able to make their own decisions and make them well.

community service from volunteers of america

Volunteers of America jobs on the other hand are available vacancies in the non profit organisation, Volunteers of America. Willing people need to volunteer for these jobs, from where they are going to serve their country as a way of giving back to society. This could be by serving military families, as a way of thanking them for their devotion. When applying, you should be 18years and above and an American citizen. Application can be done online through their website.

Apart from volunteers of America, other people could opt for Peace Corps alternatives. This involves travelling to other nations to work for the greater good of those less privileged in society.