If you want to make a fashion statement without spending a fortune, then cheap gauges are the answers. The appearance of stretched ears is well loved by many people from different countries and stretching has been practiced for ages. At present, wearers beautify themselves with cheap gauges and plugs, as well as earlets. This is understandable as many users of ear gauges love finding a great deal. For some reasons, even relatively cheap gauges and tapers seem to be the exception to the rule, as they tend to be rather expensive in comparison with other accessories.

tapers steel surgical gauge pieces

Factors To Consider

If you are thinking of shopping for cheap gauges, there are several things that you have to consider. By evaluating your needs, you can accurately choose the ear gauges that will suit your preference and situation perfectly.

  • Material

A common material for cheap ear gauges is acrylic plastic. It is cheap, long lasting, easy to clean and durable. To remove ear buildup or “gunk”, you can simply soak the pair in alcohol.

  • Design

Some designs could be difficult to secure in the ear hole and could be susceptible to accidental loss. Such designs may not be comfortable to wear as well. This is not always the case but it is a factor that you really have to consider.

surgical stainless steel ear tapers

  • Weight

While you are on the stretching process, heavy gauges could be very helpful since they weigh down the ears and cause stretching after a period of time. If you are already comfortable with your gauge size though and you do not want to enlarge it further, heavy cheap gauges could cause some problems after a time. Although it can be small, gauge sizes are very precise and you can definitely notice the increased space.

  • Color

Although ear gauges are purely for artistic reasons, the color could be a vital factor in choosing a new pair of cheap gauges. If you are on a tight budget and you like cheap gauges, it could be advantageous if you will choose neutral colors, which can combine with various outfits perfectly. This will make your ear gauges more flexible and versatile, as you can use them in different situation.

pink stripe fashion jewelry acrylic gauge

During the gauging process, each person follows a different set of advice. Bear in mind that everyone is unique and may respond to ear stretching in different manners. Because of this, it is recommended that you do it slowly. There are those that maintain that they can progress quickly. However, your body will work with you better if you can give it a good healing window. It does not mean that you will have to wait for years. Instead, use your best judgment. Having painful ears is normal but stretching extremely and in large increments within a short period of time can result to oozy, raw and split ears. Many people who are stretching their ears for the first time though do not follow this advice. In their pursuit of stretched ears, they endure a painful but totally unnecessary experience. So go slowly, you have a lot of time.

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