Every person has a unique body shape and it should be the main consideration when choosing triathlon shorts. You may instead opt to base your selection of triathlon shorts men on the general appearance, price and material. However, it is always nice to bear in mind that no rule exists on establishing the exact type that you are going to wear on the big day. Equipment and gear after all are personal preferences.

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General Considerations

It is hard to recommend the best triathlon shorts because of the unique structure of each individual. This means that the dimensions of the butts, lengths and crotch widely vary according to the person using them, especially on triathlon shorts women designs. In buying your own tri suit, it is recommended that you try as many models and types as possible to ensure that you are getting the best fit for you. It would be a hit or miss thing and you will need plenty of luck.

Factors To Consider

However, although finding the exact type of triathlon shorts could be hard, there are a number of factors that can help you decide.


  • Price – the rule that you get what you have paid for usually applies to majority of items that are on the market. So you should be ready to spend a few more dollars on triathlon shorts, to ensure that your performance will not be affected by ill-fitting shorts. Less expensive triathlon shorts have more chances of being made from substandard items. Cheap shorts for triathlon will not be able to give you the durability you need because manufacturers save on quality to be able to make more.
  • Panels – if the shorts you choose have more panels, it means that it is of higher quality. More panels will not damage the product as most people think. In fact, they provide more strength to the shorts.
  • Liner – aside from the shorts itself, a major role is played by the liner and any decent manufacturer would know this fact. Thus, you should not choose shorts for triathlon that are made from gel inserts, thick padding and plastic compartments.
  • Leg Lengths – the length of a triathlon shorts is dictated by fashion. As you may have observed by now, shorts length changes frequently, depending on the current trend, so you cannot really tell what is best. The choice may ultimately lie between shorts that are not so short and those that are really short.

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Keep these factors in mind whenever buying triathlon shorts to get the best possible fit for you.