Chest fullness and firmness is no longer only a dream for women with a bustier bra on. The bra can lift the bust to make it appear sexily sculpted like magic, perfect underneath an attractive dress. If you wear just the right bustier, it can contour the outfit you are wearing following the pattern of what you have under it. Bustier bra can serve as covering support and shaper for your breast too that is why it is one of the most important collections to complete a woman’s wardrobes.

There are so many designs to choose from the market today. There are bustier bras that are perfect as a corporate blazer’s undershirt and a lot more. You can always pick your choice.

passionate underwired bustier bra

Bustier Bra By Definition

Bustier bra is an advanced type of bra that gives your breasts support and push. It has a ribbed torso that will make your upper body and midriff to look well-toned. Typically, lace bustier bras are worn under a bridal gown for a perfect contour of the gown to the body. Especially if the clothing is made of satin or velvet, bustier bras can make the abdomen feel smooth and make the breasts appear firmer.

Types Of Bustier Bra

Because women need bra for different functions, bustier bra comes in many styles to cater to every need a woman requires in a bustier. Here are the most common types of bustier bras:

famous bridal strapless bustier bra

  • Bandeau Bustier Bra

This is the dressy type of bustier bra. Mostly, it comes as a strapless bra that can also serve as coverage under a corporate blazer.

  • Corset Bustier Bra

This is the most feminine of all. It comes in a sexy boned midriff that has an adjustable lace on the back or on the sides to give your midriff a gentle tuck to force your breasts upward and look firmer. Some corset bustier comes in chemise and one piece underwear suit.

  • Bustier Bra Top

This type of bustier bra is pretty enough to be worn as blouse. It can be high cut so that you can expose your sexy abs or you can have the longer version to have more covering on your mid section.

sexy low back bustier bra

  • Strapless Bustier Bra

This is perfect for spaghetti strap tank top, tube and halter tops. A bandeau is also an example of strapless bustier.

  • Mini Bustier Bra

This is a shorter type of bustier bra that functions only as a bra. It comes in nude lacey model or solid black for a real undergarment function.

  • Convertible Long-Line Bustier Bra

This type of bustier is very functional since it has a strap attachment for lace stockings that gives a seductive outfit. If you want to give your partner a show, this is the right bustier for you.

  • Seamless Bustier Bra

The cups of this bra are seamless. The bones that run along the bodice are moved on the back and the sides to have a seamless front finish. It can also be low back bustier bra that compliments a low back gown.

black solid animal printed bustier bra

Popular Brands Of Bustier Bra

The most popular brands of bustier bras are Victoria Secret, Wacoal, TopShop, Karmaloop, Her Room, Hanky Panky, Goddess and also Va Bien. Each brands offer their specialty designs that looks so sexy. Convertible bustier bras are also made available by these companies. Each offers a signature design.

Undergarments are the foundation of a sexy outfit. If you have a pretty bustier under your blouse, it will give your self-esteem a little lift because you know you can look good even if your blouse is off. Bustier bras are sexy alternative from a regular bra that will contour your midriff for a shapelier you.