There are several ways to organize clothes and prepare your closet ready to deal with any situation. Keeping your closet tidy will help you save time and money (when it comes to cloth maintenance, washing, drying and cleaning). Here, you will discover some effective ways to organize clothes with least efforts.

Tip #1

Buy cheap hanging shelves to store your shoes and dresses inside the closet. This is certainly a cheaper option to get extra storage space inside your buzzing closet. These hanging shelves can easily be removed and mobilized. This freedom allows you to organize your closet easily and putting the least efforts.

organized closet color coordinated

Tip #2

Consider buying large basket drawers to store your jeans, t-shirts, fitness accessories among others. Keep your closet floor clean and tidy. These large basket drawers have hanging pockets to store shoes. They can easily be hung at the bottom of your closet. A great feature of these basket drawers is they come at a very affordable price tag.

Tip #3

You should buy a few racks or clothing bins. These are the most suitable options to store your dirty clothes. This will help you keep the clean and formal dresses separate and intact. Find a bin that fits your closet drawer and use the bin for multiple purposes e.g. stacking your dresses, separating your dresses etc.

Tip #4

Opt for wood and plastic hangers. These hangers are possibly the fastest cloth organizing closet hardware. Think about using these hangers in a row inside the closet. Keep them aside and organized to prevent mess. Try to keep the hangers in the corners and at appositions to each other. This will save significant amount of space.

Tip #5

Organize separations of items is one of the most effective ways to organize clothes inside your closet. You should concentrate on choosing closet shelves that fit your racks and closet space. You can also go for customized racks and shelves. What you can do is, distribute the items in different classes according to:

  • Functionality
  • Color
  • Quality
  • Frequency of use

essentials tips in organizing your clothes closet

This will help you distinguish a clear line of demarcation and organizing will be easier for you.

You have already gone through some effective and proven ways to organize clothes. In addition, know how a well-organized closet and dressing room make things better at home.

  •  You won’t have to spend time sorting out a dress combination for any occasion.
  • You will be able to save time because you already have a well-organized clothing collection that is easily visible.

No matter how you organize the closet, you should be careful about choosing the right closet hardware. There are numerous simple yet effective ways to organize clothes, but the task becomes easier when you have suitable stuffs to work with. Follow the rules and plan your organization schedule to lead a systematic, simple and easier life.