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Experimenting with the Basic Kinds of Scooter Moves | Content Injection

Scooter lovers are certainly not contented with just going for a simple ride and enjoying the breeze. They just cannot resist trying out various kinds of scooter moves and moving on to more difficult and complex ones as they gain more experienced and become more comfortable and confident riding their scooters. Some even enter competitions or simply do the tricks to impress and entertain their audience.

Kinds of Scooter Moves and Tricks

What are the basic kinds of scooter moves that experts have already mastered and that those who are into this activity are continuously trying out and practicing? Below is a
list of the kinds of scooter moves that you may want to check out yourself:

1.) Ollie:

best kinds of scooter moves

All you have to do here is to place your feet steadily on the board first. Afterward, pull up the handle barsfollowed by your very own feet. Be sure to have your feet reach your chest. Then land in a smooth manner. This is a fundamental trick that you must become very familiar with in order to pull off some other moves.

2.) Wheelie/Manual:

One of the basic and popular kinds of scooter moves is this, in which you position your feet by the back part of the board. Put one foot at the back while lifting the other.Pull up the handle bars in order to lift the front wheel. At the same time, maintain the back wheel on the ground.

Bunny Hop:

Begin this move by bending your knees while breezing along at a moderate pace. You will then have to make a jump as you pull up the handle bars so that the board will still be planted on your feet. Do not forget to land smoothly with your board straight.

4.) Jay Hop:

This refers to a combination of a wheelie and a bunny hop. In this case, both wheels will have to be lifted in the air. Make sure that the front wheel is higher. 

5.) Stall:

For more advanced riders, this scooter move is a great way to ride a curb, rail, park bench, or any similar surface. It is done by jayhopping on these edged things.

6.) Bar Spin:

Of all the fundamental kinds of scooter moves, this is one of those that entail concentration and practice. Here you need to turn your handle bars with 180 degreeswhile performing a wheelie.

7.) Tail Whip:

For the experienced scooter riders, this trick is a great one to try out. You can do it by riding fast and then going for a bunny hop. You can use your back foot to make the board swing360 degrees.

Reminders and Safety Precautions

As expected, the above-mentioned tricks have actually resulted in several injuries by inexperienced and untrained scooter riders. Of course, you will have to take some necessary precautions and keep in mind important reminders when engaging in these moves.

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  • For one, it is essential for you to wear the right gear. Have those elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets ready before you go on your scooter.

  • Also, be sure to practice the most basic ones first and master them before moving on to more difficult moves.

  • It is vital, too, to have the proper scooter. Choose one with advanced features that make it safer for riders. In line with this, double-check your scooter tires to ensure that they have the right amount of air in them and there are no holes or other broken parts that may lead to accidents. Hence, it is best to pick scooter wheels from a reliable source because these play a major role in keeping you on the safe side.

  • In addition, it is best to practice air moves on the ground first and to do it step by step. For example, do not attempt to fly off a stair railing when you have not done this move yet on the ground and on a low curb. Practice makes perfect, after all.

With all these in mind, you can now embark on experimenting with those various kinds of scooter moves.