The RJ45 coupler is one gadget that everyone using a network cable should have. This is a connector that you use to attach two Ethernet network cables, instead of using one long cable. Many times you find yourself in a situation where you have run short of a network cable and need extra length. It is usually common in office settings, especially after rearranging the office. It can also be in your home when you need to access the Internet upstairs but your cable just would not reach there. You are left with two options now: buy a longer cable or join two short ones using an RJ45 coupler.

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Types of RJ45 Couplers

There are several variants of the RJ45 coupler and these are listed below.

  • You can purchase the RJ45 keystone coupler. This one is compatible with other US wall plates.
  • There is also the RJ45 inline coupler. This one is provides two female connections for your two cables. You can use this when making a cross-over cable between two computers easily.
  • The RJ45 coupler F-F straight functions the same way as any other RJ45 coupler though some models have two ports on the other side to enable you to expand your network. Make sure you have got a handful of these if you are thinking of expanding your network anytime.

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Buying a longer cable is logically the easiest way to increase cable length. However, it can be time consuming and also expensive. Furthermore, you will end up ripped off for a task that you can fix easily. Simply get an RJ45 coupler F-F straight and another cable of the required length. Link your existing cable with the other one using the RJ45 coupler. The connection will work just like the straight cable and your network will function just as usual, without delays or other problems. All you need to do is make sure that the cables are strapped to the coupler as they may easily come off and also terminate them properly to avoid loss of signals.

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Useful Tips in Working with RJ45 Couplers

For you to use any RJ45 coupler, you need to know how to go along with the process.

1. Terminate your cables with an RJ45 connector. While doing this, be careful to match the eight color-coded wires correctly. Failure to do this results in no signals being transmitted at all.

2. Once you have them in order, join them using any of the variants of the RJ45 coupler and strap them safe. This is to make sure that they do not come off after you have installed them.

3. Remember to always have these connectors at hand because you may need to use them any time you rearrange your network.

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Usually, hooking up your computer after reshuffling your workplace is the last thing on your mind. Don’t get caught up again and buy another cable to cover up the extra distance. Simply shop online or in your local computer store for any of these connectors, whether it is the RJ45 inline coupler, RJ45 coupler F-F straight or RJ45 keystone coupler that you need. They are really helpful any time you reorganize or expand your network.