When one thinks of expensive pens, designer pens initially come to mind. These pens are produced in very limited editions, and sometimes only one is custom made per year. They are usually made of silver, gold and platinum casings and embedded with gems. But the business of luxury pens is not always about jewelry but it is also about the company’s credible history and tradition.

There are many manufacturers of custom fine writing instruments around the world. Most of them can even be browsed through the internet, usually listed, as expensive pens online. However, two of the oldest pen manufacturers worth mentioning for their legacy and continuing innovation of the pens are the A.T. Cross Pen Company and Parker Pen Company.

18 karat gold luxury pen

Since the founding of the Parker Pen Company in 1888, Parker has its market share for expensive pens. It patented its first pen in 1892 and continued its innovation on fine writing instruments both in design and function. Over the years, they have earned their milestones in ink technology and ease of use.

The current product line of expensive Parker pens are its flagship series of the Duofold Collection fountain pens. Since its introduction in 1921, the Duofold has reemerged almost every decade maintaining its elegance and prestige. Since its introduction, the Duofold series has earned its place as a status symbol at the time.

There is a considerable followers of collectors of expensive pens for vintage Parker pens. The most popular pen is the Parker 51 sign pen, which was introduced in 1941. It garnered prestigious awards in design when it first came into market. It is also one of the most sought after pen by collectors of vintage Parker pens up to now.

sheaffer prelude ballpoint pen

The A.T. Cross company made pens since 1846. This company is also considered as the oldest pen manufacturer in America. It made its niche in the invention of the stylographic pen, which paved the way for what is now known as the ball point pen. Cross also produced a forerunner of the mechanical pencil with the invention of ?propel-repel?mechanical pencil.

The Cross Townsend series is listed as one of the expensive Cross pens. The Townsend line comes in variants of ball point pens, roller ball pens, and fountain pens. Prices vary according to the metals used for its casing like chrome, silver, gold and platinum editions. Another set of Cross’ expensive pens is the Century II and the Century Classic series. These sets carried a line of mechanical pencils, roller ball pens, fountain pens and ball point pens. Like the Townsend, it comes in chrome, silver, gold and platinum editions.