Unfortunately, cats are not good on dealing with sudden changes. In fact, even the simplest change in the cat’s surroundings is enough to give her anxiety and stress. That being said, a cat will be needing the help of a cat clinic, which perfectly understands their sensitivities and needs and can provide a stress-free and friendly environment for cats.

A typical cat clinic is manned by skillful employees who are proficiently trained to care for your cats. From gentle handling techniques to the usage of calming voice, they know exactly how to provide a relaxed and therapeutic environment for your beloved feline. The main goal of the clinic is to ensure your cat’s comfort, as well as to attend accordingly to her medical needs if necessary.

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Services Offered

In United States, here are the most common services offered by a cat clinic:

  • Vaccination – Annual checkups and vaccinations are necessary to keep your cat healthy. Adult cats that have been administered with yearly vaccines should start on a 3-year vaccine program.
  • Microchip Placement – To easily identify and track your cat, you can use the reliable and affordable method called microchip placement. Here, you will only need to pay a one-time fee and you’ll get the lifetime security for your pet.
  • Heartworm Removal – Because the heartworm disease is common in the United States, you should take your pet to the nearest cat clinic to determine whether she is free from the disease or not. This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes; therefore, this should be a cause of concern for pet cat owners.
  • Rabies and Leptospirosis Vaccination – All pets that spend time outdoors must receive vaccine against these deadly diseases. Luckily, preventive vaccines are now available at most cat clinics.
  • Complete Wellness Care – Cats, especially young kittens, should go through a general physical examination yearly to maintain its health and proper hygiene. This examination typically consists of a complete package including advice on cat nutrition, dental care, neutering, viral testing, and parasite control. For cats older than 10 years of age, a semi-annual checkup is highly recommended as they are more prone to get health problems like diarrhea in cats.

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And those were the most common services offered by a typical cat clinic to date. In case you haven’t visited one, consider finding a reliable and trusted clinic today for you to be sure that your cat is healthy and well-maintained.