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Examples of Top Mens Perfume Brands | Content Injection

Top mens perfume brands have various choices in the market today. However, it is very important to note that different scents and colognes are usually used for different purposes and occasions. Men should choose perfumes that blend well with their budget, body, chemistry and lifestyle.

List of Top Mens Perfume Brands

  • Acqua Di Gio

It is one of the best top mens perfume brands that was designed by Giorgio Armani in 1997. It is considered to be the most successful perfume of Giorgio Armani. Gio is Giorgio’s nickname that was given to wonderful perfume brand. The perfume is made of very natural herbs and has a very long lasting fragrance. It is an exhilarating, watery perfume that is very suitable for casual wearing and warmer weather.

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It can be sprayed daily, both in the mornings and the evenings for a perfect effect. The perfume’s top notes are mandarin, lime and bergamot. Its middle notes include cyclamen, marine note, coriander and freesia. Its base notes include cedar, moss, patchouli and musk. Its price ranges from $20 to $111.00.

  • Versace pour Homme Cologne

It is an aromatic perfume that was designed by Morillas Alberto, a very talented master perfumer. Launched in 2008, the perfume has a very significant contemporary masculine scent that keeps men smelling fresh the whole day. Top notes of the perfume are neroli, rose de mai, bergamot, petit grain and citruses. Middle notes include clary sage, geranium, cedar and hyacinth. Base notes of the perfume are amber, musk and tonka bean. The perfume has an elating smell and can be comfortably used for official purposes. It is very suitably for men of all age groups. Its price in the market ranges from $25 to $80.

  • Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne

This is a famous perfume that was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and was launched in 1993. The perfume is characterized by a sharp, woody and oriental fragrance. Its masculine scent is blended with orange blossom, woods, lavender and fresh mint. It has a very overpowering smell and can be used for special occasions. The price of the perfume’s products ranges from $52 t0 $100.

  • Dakkar Noir Cologne

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This perfume was designed by one of the best perfume designers in France known as Guy Laroche in 1982 and is one of the best top mens perfume brands. The perfume has a spicy and sharp lavender fragrance. A collection of sandalwood, citrus, lavender and spicy berries blend so well giving it the desired masculine scent. It is very suitable for single young men who are in search of beautiful young ladies to court because it has a nice scent that provides natural attraction. It is very affordable in the market with its price ranging from $ 9.5 to $48.9 depending on the product.

  • Usher Cologne

Considered to be among the best top mens perfume brands, Usher cologne has a unique masculine scent capable of making men smelling fresh and extremely nice. It is the type of perfume that makes a man feel young, sexy and very comfortable. It was launched in 2007. Its strong and invigorating smell makes every man want to wear it everyday. One of the advantages of Usher cologne is that its smell is very refreshing and long lasting as compared to other perfumes. Its smell can last for a period of more than 12 hours. The cologne is very affordable in the stores with a price range of $10.90 to $33.00.

The list of top mens perfume brands is endless. Other brands include Curve Cologne,Cool Water For Men Cologne, 212 Man Cologne. Men’s Perfumes definitely define the essence of men.