There are numerous v neck tees in the market today, so consumers need to know various tips that they can use to identify the best brands for v neck tees available to them. These considerations are outlined in a way to ensure that the customer gets the best v neck shirts that meet their personal taste any preferences. There are many brands of v neck tees to choose from; hence, customers are faced with a problem in choosing the best brands for v neck tees.

Selecting the Best Brands for V Neck Tees

  • Shirt Stitch and Fabric

One of the factors that has to be considered in choosing the best brands for v neck tees from the market is the way that the fabric used to make the tee is made. This can easily be identified by looking at the knit lines on the cloth. A well cut V shirt will have a short pattern of vertical lines of knit that are neatly incorporated in the shirt. The lines should be running vertically at an angle.

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Shirts whose fabric are not cut well are most likely to tear very fast; hence, this factor can be used as one measure of gauging the durability of the V tee.

  • Shirt Seam and Cut

In choosing the best brands for v neck tees, customers should consider the seams on the product. A good quality v neck tee has seams that clearly run down from one side of the sleeve to the other. It is also important to note that the seams should be vertical when the shirt is held in an upright position.

A seam that is not straight is an indicator of the possibility of the sleeve twisting after some time. Improper seams can make the wearer uncomfortable.

  • Fabric Balls or Pills

Presence of fuzz balls or pills on the v neck tee is also an indicator of a sub-standard product. Pills refer to little bumps on the fabric that normally appear on the product due to use of fabric that is of low quality or even torn. The best brands for v neck tees have no pills and if they are present, they are very few and cannot be identified easily. The use of high quality thread eliminates possibility of pill formation on the shirt.

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  • Fabric Knit

Knit is one of the major determinants of the quality of the product. A high quality knit, no matter what fabric is used, can produce a good V neck tee or shirt. The knit can be identified by looking keenly on the threads. The threads should be interlocked and this ensures that the knit is tight and firm.

The presence of spaces on the cloth can render the knit loose leading to shrinking of the shirt after washing. Choosing a high quality knit ensures that the product purchased is durable and serves the user effectively.

So, when shopping for v neck tees, you should not only look at the popular best brands for v neck tees, but you should also examine the quality of the shirt itself.