Baseball bat designs had changed in so many ways compared to when the game started in 1800s. Initially players used to make their own baseball bats according to their preferences and thus there were many different types, from long, short, thick and thin baseball bats.

With time, as baseball games evolved to have a pitch as well as rules, baseball bats also had to be regulated to follow the same standards for fair game. And thus, by 1859, a requirement of 2.5 inches diameter was recommended although length and shape was at a player’s discretion. 10 years later length was dictated to be at 42 inches for all bats.

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In 1884, the Louisville slugger baseball bat was invented out of an idea from a seventeen year old son of a woodworker, John Hillerich. It is said that Hillerich once attended a baseball game during which a player named Browning got angry after his bat broke during the game. After that game, Hillerich asked Browning if he could make him a new bat. Together they went to John’s shop where they chose wood and made a bat. Next day’s match was great, and Browning was happy about his bat. Other players, therefore, flocked at John’s shop for the same type and thus the birth of Louisville slugger. In 1890 baseball bat regulations were changed from any bat goes to must be round with a diameter of 2.75 inches and not flat ended.

Types of Baseball Bats Available in Today’s Markets

Today’s baseball bat is made of various materials as single or combined depending on different manufacturers. Commonly known materials are as follows:

  • Wooden bats have been there for long and most preferred by many. They are made of Ash, Hickory or Bamboo combination and Maple. These types offer a hitter greater taper and barrel and are cheaper compared to others.
  • Aluminum is another material used to make bats as it is light in weight and allows a player better control and speed of a bat. This type of bat is beneficial to any age player and best for young starting players.
  • There are those made from mixtures of zinc, magnesium, aluminum and copper. This baseball bat has increased sizes of bat barrel, which makes a ball travel farther when hit. This also is advantageous for the bat lasts longer. Such baseball bats are also light in weight.

It is essential to know all about baseball bat sizing before purchasing one, especially that the weight and length and even the power of it may not suit everyone especially kids of different ages. Whenever you are out to purchase one ensure you ask your attendant plenty of questions so as to purchase the right size.

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Note also that not all bats are accepted for junior players, therefore, if you are buying for your child; ensure to get information from his school so as to make the right choice. Think about getting baseball bat bags for your kids so they wouldn’t have to carry them around uncomfortably whenever they are out to play. Choose the right bat bags according to the size and number of your or your kids’ bats too.

For proper storage, you may also want to get a baseball bat holder for your home.