Whether you are hosting a company picnic, getting together with friends or celebrating a birthday, few things can offer the entertainment and attraction of inflatables. High-quality inflatables are expensive and require intensive setups and monitoring. This makes owning one less than ideal. However, inflatables for rent make obtaining a bounce house, slide or inflatable obstacle course affordable and worry free.

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Popular party inflatables for rent

  • Bounce houses: These come in a variety of shapes and themes. They are usually surrounded by mesh netting for increased safety and provide a large space for children to jump and bounce. Popular themes include castles, pirate ships and circuses.
  • Slides: From two-lane race slides to fun spiral slides, there are plenty of slides from which to choose. Most slides feature land dividers, padded landing zones and integrated ladders for increased safety and enjoyment. If you are entertaining adults, slides often offer the highest weight tolerances out of the various inflatables for rent. This makes them a great addition to any event.
  • Water inflatables for rent: From slippery slides and splash pools to miniature water parks with water cannons and interactive elements, water inflatables are a great way to add fun and relief from the heat to any party or gathering. Most include pumps and reservoirs or can be attached to standard hose faucets for easy operation and non-stop fun.

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  • Inflatable obstacle courses: From monkey bars and zip lines to towering walls and ball pits, these inflatables offer exciting, active fun for kids of all ages. Many designs are modular to allow you to choose the obstacles and arrange the inflatable as you see best.

When it comes to finding inflatables for rent, checking your local phone directory or searching the Internet for party and event rental companies is often best. Due to the heavy weight and specialized set up requirements, most inflatables for rent are restricted to local areas. If you are having trouble finding inflatables for rent, contacting your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start.

Once you have found a provider, you can begin the process of renting. While this might be different from company to company, these steps are generally involved with most inflatables for rent agreements:

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  1. Rental periods: Due to the time involved in delivering, setting up and removing the inflatables for rent, most companies rent by the full day. Be sure if you are renting for an event at a park or business that rental agreements meet any requirements of the facility or location.
  2. Safety Checks: Most rental companies require a full inspection of the set up site. This includes checking for overhead obstructions, such as tree branches and power lines, as well as proper anchoring and leveling of equipment. This is especially common with items such as bounce inflatables for rent due to their increased size.
  3. Access to power and water: While rental companies can often supply generators and water, this comes at an increased cost. Planning to have resources within 100 feet of the inflatables for rent can drastically reduce your final bill.
  4. Supervision: All companies require adult supervision of inflatables for rent for liability purposes. If you are unable to provide supervision, some companies may provide staffing for an additional fee.

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