Lacrosse is an age old team game that dates as far back as AD1100.Its played by using a long handled stick, called Crosse, which is netted at the end for the purpose of catching the small rubber ball used for this game. The objective is to dispossess your opponent of the ball, and try to score in your opponent`s goal, by throwing the ball with the crosse. Just like any other stick game, a lacrosse helmet is worn for protection.

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Specifications of the Helmet

Lacrosse helmets are designed under strict specifications and standards of regulatory committees that govern sports equipment manufacture. This helmet is made of steel, chrome or titanium. In most cases, titanium is used, since it’s lighter than steel and stronger than chrome. The helmet is worn by men only, since contact in women lacrosse games is against the rules of the sport. Below is a brief description of the helmet:

  • The lacrosse helmet is slightly bigger than ordinary sport helmets.
  • It has a complete cage guard for the entire face.
  • It has a hard plastic at its base, where the vertical cage bars are affixed.
  • The space between the face and the protective cage bar is slightly bigger to allow for enough protection allowance during play.

Compared to Other Helmets

While at play, the players also wear lacrosse shoes, which are made by the different shoe makers such as Puma, Nike, Basics, Umbro, and Adidas among others. These shoes are specifically made for lacrosse games. Just as the lacrosse shoe is unique; the lacrosse helmet has some major differences in comparison with other types of helmets, which include:

  • The helmets contain iron oxides, which are heat resistant compounds to prevent the helmets from overheating during play, which may affect the players’ performance.
  • The protective cage bars run horizontally, to protect the teeth from injury in case of a fall, unlike the football helmet bars, which run diagonally.
  • The lacrosse helmets are made under strict regulations, unlike the football helmets, which are made according to the manufacturer`s regulations and specifications.

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Main Features Comprising the Helmet

The main features of a lacrosse helmet include:

  • A protective metal cage, which is for protecting the face and teeth from an accidental strike
  • A titanium head protector that is light but strong.
  • Straps – these are on the sides of the helmet, and are used for fastening the helmet into position to prevent it from falling off when you bend.
  • Padding – this is the soft spongy lining inside the helmet that absorbs the shock in case of a fall or accidental strike with a crosse.

Lacrosse is an exciting sport, but to make sure you enjoy it safely, makes sure you wear a lacrosse helmet. It is not as physical as other team sports but accidents still happen so it is still necessary to wear them during play time.