Bandeau bikinis are very popular these days and for good reason. For those that are unsure of exactly what bandeau bikinis are, they are simply bikini tops that wrap around a women’s chest. They date back to the early 1900 but weren’t popular as a bikini top until the 1940’s. The reason many women like bandeau top bikinis is because they are very easy to put on and they are not as restricting as many other bathing suits are. You can see from the list below that bandeau bikinis are much better than most of the other swimsuits on the market today.

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Types Of Bandeau Bikinis

  • One Piece Bikini – Many women like one piece bikinis, especially when they are in strong waves. The reason why a bandeau bikini is better than a one piece bikini is because they allow you to get a full tan while in the water as opposed to having a bunch of different tan lines.
  • Surfers Top – Do you try your best to stay out of the sun in fear of skin cancer? Well, a surfers top would be perfect for you but the problem is that you won’t get a tan and they are not very comfortable. The nice thing about bandeau bikinis is that they feel like you are wearing nothing over your chest and for many women that is very comfortable.

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  • Tube Top Bikini – These are similar to that of the bandeau bikini, however, they have material that covers the belly. Many women resort to using a tube top in order to hide their stomach while still being able to get some sun and play around in the water comfortably.

As you can see, there are benefits in having any bathing suit but it all comes down to what you like the most and what you feel comfortable in. It is pointless to buy bandeau bikinis if you won’t like them. Also, keep in mind that some cute bandeau bikinis might change your mind and get you to wear one. You never know how well you will like bandeau bikinis until you buy one and wear it to the beach. Trust yourself on this decision, if you think you will like these, then buy one and flaunt your stuff.

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Something that you should keep in mind is that bandeau bikinis are made by many different companies. It is because of this that you should take your time and decide which brand offers the best bandeau bikinis for you. In order to get you started here are a couple popular brands that you just might like.

Brands Of Bandeau Bikinis

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  • Victoria’s Secret – When it comes to undergarments, Victoria’s Secret is the best place to look. They offer some of the most stylish bandeau bikinis in their stores and website; you are bound to find something that you like.
  • RoxyRoxy bandeau bikinis are very popular, as with any Roxy swimwear. The best part about Roxy swimwear is that they are not very expensive. If you are looking for cheap bandeau bikinis, then getting one made by Roxy is a good place to start.

Just keep in mind that bandeau bikinis are not for everybody. Yes, they do look great but you need a specific body type to pull one off.